Krueger’s lies

I think Kevin Krueger suffers from delusions, period.

That the BC Christy Clark Liberals are reduced to using Kevin “Sack of Hammers” Krueger as their hit man tells you just about everything you need to know about the state of the governing party.  Pathetic.

But in case you have an inkling to listen to a man as stupid, gutless and unbound by any moral compass as Krueger consider this:  he straight out lies.

This morning Krueger called into the Bill Good show and repeated his run of the mouth screed against John van Dongen and the NDP.  In amongst the bile spilling from his craw was an allegation that Adrian Dix conspired with supporter Mable Elmore to fix the NDP leadership race.

Here’s the problem with that.  It an out and out lie.  Mable organized.  She’s a great organizer and she signed up members.  But that’s what you do in leadership campaigns. It’s what every single person running for the Liberal leadership did, including Krueger’s leader, Christy Clark.

Surprise, Mable is still signing up members to the NDP.  It gets easier all the time because more and more British Columbians are sick to death of the BC Liberal style of politics.

Krueger had a lot to say about van Dongen as well.  Dredging up his personal relationship and alleging a “conflict of interest”.  Pretty low coming from the guy who takes lobbyist phone calls prior to cabinet decisions affecting the lobbyist’s company.

Krueger’s dirty political lies don’t surprise me.  Clark’s continued tolerance for them does, if only because it’s bad politics at this stage of the game.  If all she has left is lying about the opposition then her Liberal Party is earning it’s slow and tortuous death.

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6 Responses to Krueger’s lies

  1. CGHZD says:

    Kreuger is a piece of dried up monkey $hit.
    So,what does that make the people of Kamloops South that have elected this troll for the past 10 plus years.
    They must be real proud.

  2. Ian says:

    CGHZD, It makes them a lot like most British Columbians. Fooled and unhappy and hopefully ready to make a change.

  3. cfvua says:

    Yep. A lot of us that may have voted liberal in the past were lied to just like everybody else. Remember Campbell saying that BC Rail would not be sold. That lie put most off and when the HST was mentioned it “wasn’t on their watch” and although it “wasn’t on the radar” why do we have it? And seemingly can’t now get rid of it. Too bad Miller couldn’t have stayed and been Premier back then.

  4. Charles Parkhurst says:

    Complete agreement.

  5. Adam says:

    I notice you changed your post Real Story. You went after Krueger for not having his facts straight about Mable endorsing Dix saying that she supported Horgan – think you may have been mistaken. Thankfully someone at NDP HQ had the integrity to video tape the highly suspicious activities Elmore was participaiting in with those memberships and dontations. I think Krueger is a waste of time and should look to what Clark did with the PINS in her leadership contest before going after the NDP. Both political parties are demostrating corruption – like Krueger, you need to look in the mirror before criticizing the other party.

  6. islandcynic says:

    ‘Scuse me for bringing this up, but the rubes of Kamloops South are not a rare gem. Voters all over Canada are making the same mistake over and over again. You see, they seem to think that voting for the liars that claim to be for the ‘economy’ will help them. In the end, it always screws them. According to Nanos numbers, almost half of us Canadians polled put the economy first. That gives the liars and corporatist thieves to run roughshod over our policies and just do what they want and pretend it helps you and I. But, it is just that, a but, that screws us over and over again. A politician working on the side of corporistas will always be so and not for the family. Ever.

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