Another mea culpa

Sorry for disappearing.  And over one of the more exciting couple of weeks in BC politics too.  What a sorry excuse for a blogger I am.

Here’s the mea culpa.

One of the things with long term cancer accompanied by tons of  ‘interventions’ is that the body doesn’t bear up so well after a while.  It’s susceptible to a lot of fly by night ailments and I’ve had two recently.

Some of it’s my own damn fault.  Being 20km from the site, Paul and I – led brilliantly by my eldest – went to Coachella last weekend.

I like to think of myself as a ‘young at heart’, ’50 is the new 30′ kind of guy.  But after three days of alt punk rock dance party I can report that young at heart means young in the head, old everywhere else – and maybe not so young in the head after all.

Last Monday I could honestly say that I had never been more tired in my life.  Nor have I had a worse cold.  Thank you Tupac hologram guy.

The cold comes on top of a simmering then exploding infection on my palette, which is a patchwork quilt of operational scars.  According to my pain doc – I have a fabulous pain doc -the infection rather than the tumours may be responsible for the big jump in pain I am experiencing.  Let’s hope so and cue the medication boost.

I’m not trying to whine here.  This is nothing compared to last summer’s death watch but I  just want to say that while I’m on the mend I may continue to write a little less.

Not that there aren’t a million stories swirling around my head.  By-elections, crap polling, BC’s under-reported forestry disaster, PAVco, unite the right hail marys – while at the same time rhetorically tacking left: how much grist for the mill can there be?

And then there is the health thing.  You don’t really learn much about your body until it’s compromised in some way.  In good times it just is.

This is kind of trite and has probably been said a million times in a billion places but until living it I never really understood how the body is really it’s own ecosystem.  The walls between the various parts and functions are paper thin.  One failure leads to another etc… etc…

Rebuilding it has to take into account all the interactions.  Nothing is fast.

My new palette doctor can’t start fixing me until he talks to my radiation doc, my chemo doc, my infectious diseases doc and maybe my neurologist to figure out what’s happening with all the parts and systems that have been treated to date.

And I thought I could walk into the office, get diagnosed and prescribed some miracle medication that would clean up the infection in a week.

Instead, I’ll have a treatment plan that will prescribe the right medication, make the right cuts and administer the right clean up to ensure a bad situation isn’t made worse.  It’ll take some time.  To cover that time they’ve bumped the pain medication.

I think all of this is miraculous.  Unlike the boring Tupac hologram.  Thank God Eminem showed up to save that day.


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8 Responses to Another mea culpa

  1. Lew says:

    Sorry excuse for a blogger? I think not.

    Shining example, most certainly. And in more ways than blogging.

  2. tf says:

    Although I don’t know you, I am ever appreciative of your commitment to your writing and to this blog as you face serious health challenges. I’m not sure how you can handle it all but I’m glad you do. Thank you.

  3. kootcoot says:

    Apology accepted….no, no apology necessary Ian. You HAVE to look after your challenged health first and foremost. We are fortunate that you have enough left over sometimes to treat us to you insightful analysis….even if I don’t always agree with you, I respect your experience and analysis and totally respect the fact that you can contribute at all considering what else you have to deal with.

    BTW, I’m glad to hear you have a doctor who deals with your pain in a way that you are happy with, because doctors often are very stoopid or afraid to treat pain properly because of the ill advised and failing “war on drugsTM.”

    I’m hoping that you are with us much longer and in good enough shape to share your shining wisdom with the rest of us.

  4. Sharon Costello says:

    Well Mr Ian. Lovely to get some word of your trials and adventures. Here’s to the right drugs at the right time… A lot of attitude in the affirmative… More time doing waterer the h— you want… And the periodic political blog when the spirit moves you. X sharon

  5. Raj Sihota says:

    Great to hear from you Ian, brilliant as always.

  6. Dan Schubart says:

    I don’t recall any sort of a contract stipulating frequency of posts. The quality is always there and worth the wait when wait there is, and the quantity is irrelevant. Maybe if we doubled what we paid you…

    Best results in all your health challenges and the ongoing blog writing (as well as anything else you undertake).

  7. Scotty on Denman says:

    Courage and generosity are your remedies; thanks for sharing.

  8. Ian says:

    You are too kind, all of my friends and readers. Writing this blog is my way of expressing what I am feeling… about our political world and to a lesser extent about living with cancer. Both are a big part of my life and having others share in that is a great gift to me.

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