Plumbing the depths with the BC Liberals

BC Liberal MLA Harry Bloy: Clark’s only caucus supporter, incapable of answering a question, an appallingly bad minister, forced to resign for leaking private information, demonstrates his loose grasp on facts and even looser grasp on honour and decorum.

Today in the Legislature

Harry Bloy:  “The NDP’s energy critic has acknowledged the benefits that smart meters will have if customers want to monitor their energy consumption. In this House he admitted: “Certainly, I’m really excited about smart metering.” I guess he was really excited. I’d like to know how excited he was, because he seems to speak out of both sides of his mouth. I can’t figure it out.

“Is he excited because the Leader of the Opposition can’t fraudulently do something against the consumers of British Columbia, can’t lie and cheat and steal money from the citizens of British Columbia? Is that why he speaks out of both sides of his mouth? It really makes me wonder how a Leader of the Opposition can steal from the public.

Deputy Speaker: Member.

H. Bloy: Is this what we’re trying to do here?

Deputy Speaker: Member. Member, I will caution you.

H. Bloy: You know, sometimes it really makes me wonder about the Leader of the Opposition stealing from the public, fraud. I wonder how he proposed to his wife. Is he like his good friend, Svend Robinson? I wonder how he did that.

Deputy Speaker: Member. Member.

H. Bloy: I’m just wondering. How did he do that?


Deputy Speaker: The member for North Island on a…

Point of Order

C. Trevena: …point of order, Madam Speaker. The member for Burnaby-Lougheed is using unacceptable, unparliamentary behaviour, unparliamentary language and inferring the good name of the Leader of the Opposition. I would hope that he will withdraw and apologize.

Deputy Speaker: Hon. members, the point of order is well taken. I will ask the member to withdraw.

H. Bloy: I withdraw.

I predict Harry Bloy will be forced to withdraw from the next election. This is one fool who will not be running next time.  His support for his leader speaks volumes about the kind of party the BC Liberals are at this point in time.

It also suggests that BC Liberal tempers are running high as the end draws ever nearer. Their looming defeat is now taking on an air of mercy.

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3 Responses to Plumbing the depths with the BC Liberals

  1. thomas howard says:

    before the shift in electoral boundaries, bloy was our mla (he lives on my street) and he was proving himself quite inept at that time as well.
    he verbally attacked me in front of my house while he was campaigning on our street, claiming that he knows all about me and how evil and he was dressed down by gordo and conflict of interest commisioner h.a.d. oliver for getting caught mergiing his constiuency office email list with his bc liberal riding office email addresses. he was slow enough to send out cash appeals to myself and my wife (and i am sure a bunch of other non-supporter,) from his riding office email. My wife continued to get these requests even after mr. oliver talked to him.
    he truly is a piece of work.

  2. RS says:

    Scary Bloy.
    Geez! What did Scary do to dupe the good people of Burnaby/Lougheed into voting for him?
    Very scary indeed!

  3. Burgess says:

    RS It is called ‘Gerrymandering’ where boundaries are changed to give the ruling party ‘more’ votes from a neighbouring community. Like the Vancouver riding of Grace McCarthy way back when where “the finger” gave the Socred’s their edge. Burnaby was solid NDP and to water down the vote Coquitlam was hived onto the electorial district. Simple. It worked and Bloy was elected. And they get away with it because they can.

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