Open government the BC Liberal way, part whatever

More BC Rail pages pouring out of government today – 2,968 to be precise – of which 2,963 were redacted in whole…

“Pages 1 through 1314 redacted for the following reasons: – S14

“Pages 1319 through 2968 redacted for the following reasons: – S14”

On top of a BC Rail public inquiry, I’d say there should be a complete audit of the FOI process

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9 Responses to Open government the BC Liberal way, part whatever

  1. cfvua says:

    Just a name change would cover how it is being “handled” now. I suggest Freedom to Limit Incriminating Information as one option. I’m sure there are other more fitting acronyms that creative minds could come up with so, lets see ’em everyone.

  2. ron wilton says:

    Are these the same pages the Auditor General is seeking?

  3. RS says:

    How about…

    Freedom to
    Usurp democracy &
    Cover up


  4. Kelly Masterson says:

    Is this government on Drugs???? hehehehe If I didn’t laugh at them, I’d cry.

  5. Hugh says:

    2,963 + 1,751 from the previous release = 4,714 blank pages? What’s in the 4 pages not redacted? What’s S14?

  6. Martin says:

    Can I have all those redacted pages? I’m out of printer paper and that paper should go to good use somehow…

  7. Ian says:

    Hugh, Section 14 is solicitor client privilege and the four pages contain nothing, absolutely nothing, of interest. Otherwise they would have been redacted as well.

  8. Ron says:

    Now you are talking about privatizing BC’s Liqour stores. It appears you and Rich Coleman are trying to destroy as much of BC as you can before your party is voted out..

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