Coaltion talk = Conservative buzzkill

Bill Bennett, back from a trip to the abyss in Chilliwack Hope, thinks there’s a chance for a coalition between the BC Conservatives and the BC Liberals.


The quality of Bennett’s thinking goes a long way to explain the last year.

Here’s the truth.  If the BC Conservatives want to disappear forever they’ll jump at the chance to enter into an “arrangement” with the BC Liberals.

It would be one of the stupidest moves ever made in BC politics.  But even the suggestion of it could be very helpful to the BC Liberals.

The best way for the Liberals to kill the Conservatives’ momentum stone cold and return them to fringe party status would be to convince voters the Conservatives are prepared to sign on to a team with the sleaziest, most corrupt and pathetically empty government BC has seen in the last 60 years.

Think about it:  voters leave the BC Liberals for the BC Conservatives, disgusted with the governing party.  So the Conservatives snuggle up to the BC Liberals?  Talk about Buzz Kill.

Let’s take off the rose coloured glasses.  Bennett’s ruminations are the pathetic wishes of a doomed politician so out of touch with real humans that he resembles nothing less than a loose android from a Phillip K Dick novel.

Here’s the problem with those who are thinking that Bennett’s comments are plausible.  They, like Bennett, are forgetting why voters left the BC Liberals in the first place:  the people who have dumped the Liberals are finished with being hurt, cheated and lied to.  They want a change of government, not a change of names.

If the Tories take this stinking rotten bait they won’t be telling voters they are joining the Liberals to restore the free enterprise coalition.  They’ll be telling voters that they are no different than this corrupt, tired government.  They, like the BC Liberals, will be telling voters that they care only about power and nothing else.

It would be an incredible misreading of the Conservative’s current support and growth.  It would be thumbing their noses at everything their new voters believe.  It would be saying yes to the HST lie.  Yes to the BC rail coverup deal.  Yes to school cuts and stadium overruns.  Yes to deals for friends and insiders.  It’s a very long list.

But ruminating about a deal between the BC Liberals and Conservatives does help one party.  The BC Liberals need the bleeding to stop.  What better way than to do that than paint the other right wing party as no better than them?

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5 Responses to Coaltion talk = Conservative buzzkill

  1. Grant G says:

    Bill Bennett is a buffoon..

    From the last election.

    Bill Bennett`s campaign offers free beer to young people.

    Video link in below link, scroll right.

    Need more, during last election Bill Bennett runs racist ads against his First Nation`s opponent.

    What a vote of confidence in Christy this story is!.

    Need more, Phil Hocstein is on air tomorrow with Michael Smith tomorrow(Friday/April 13th) to propose the same thing, desperate days indeed.

    Good Day

  2. Merv Adey says:

    Well said sir, and precisely right.

  3. Julie says:

    We all know the BC Liberals work for Harper. Gordon Campbell did a lot of dirty work for him. Boessenkool, is another of Harper’s boys. He now works for the BC Liberals. Then it took Van Dongen 12 years to decide, he didn’t like the BC Liberals, for thieving $6 million to pay Campbell’s two patsy’s legal fees. Basi/Virk took the fall for, Campbell’s theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. Van Dongen is fine with that theft, of an entire rail road, and the priceless Real Estate that went with it. However, the $6 million thieved tax dollars offends him? Go figure.

    This stinks, right up to the Muir Space Station.

  4. e.a.f. says:

    If Cummins wants his fledgling party to continue to grow he will put a stop to all this chat about the Liberal & Conservative Parties “joining”. The people who have left the lieberals for the BC Conservatives did so for a reason. If they don’t have an alternative to vote for, they will stay home in mass.

    There are some who will never vote NDP. A democracy is about, having a choice about who you vote for. Right now the BC Conservatives are the alternative. Whether you like them or not, they need to be there. If people have no one to vote for, then what is the point of a democracy.

    Of course it might prompt more people to run as independants like Ms. Huntington.

    So lets hear from Mr. Cummins. It doesn’t really matter to me, I’ve always voted NDP, but for many others they need to know they have an alternative to the lieberals.

  5. Kelly Masterson says:

    I will forever LOVE Bennets story about Campbell spitting in his face… hehehehe… If nothing else, he’s good for comic relief.

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