How long will she last?

“Ms. Clark, chased down a hotel corridor by reporters seeking her reaction to the poll numbers, finally stopped and said she had no quick reaction”.

Rod Mickleburg, Globe & Mail


Will she last a month?  Odds?  Bets?

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  1. John's Aghast says:

    What will we do for entertainment when she’s gone!

  2. Norm Farrell says:

    The BC Liberals’ backroom financial partners will soon abandon that party, throw in with the Conservatives, push Cummins aside and replace him with Kevin Falcon or (I’m told) James Moore, MP. The labels Conservative and Liberal are meaningless in BC anyway. These folks care little about the name of the governing party, only that it supports a minimally regulated big-business friendly economy that doesn’t look to corporations for taxes or to BC’s natural resources for public revenues.

    The 46/23/23 split will ensure a powerful NDP government and weak opposition. That worries many of the folks who have been most comfortable this past decade. As a result, they’re willing to take radical action.

    The NDP braintrust chooses now to stand back and watch the Liberals in their downward spiral but the opposition may regret not being more active. Much of that 46% of NDP support is soft, made up of people angry with greedy, unethical and plain nasty behaviour of the current government. (No better example than Rich Coleman this week.)

    The business lobby that controls the Liberal purse strings will change the cast in a heartbeat if they can continue the show with a similar script. Adrian Dix and friends should aggressively go after the middle ground where most BC voters stand. The old ideologues won’t like that but by nature, they prefer to remain in opposition, outside the mainstream anyway.

    Liberals and Conservatives are the parties of big business. The NDP should be the party supporting average citizens, education, the environment, innovative enterprise and small businesses.

  3. I am hoping she stays on long enough to give us one more statutory day off.

  4. Paul Willcocks says:

    But last week, you offered these thoughts on a comment over at my blog, I thought suggesting a leadership change unikely:

    “And I think the issue of changing leaders is far more complicated than people think – it further damages a damaged brand, it rends the party once again as it attempts to ready for an election, it complicates the partisan nature of the coalition when they need to stitch it together… etc…
    “But most telling is this: why work to change a leader when you can change parties with much less fuss and bother, building a new brand instead of patching up an old one to get it through the year?
    “If they do attempt a leadership change it’ll be more like throwing up the white flag than re-energizing the coalition.”

    Has the poll changed the situation that dramatically?

  5. spartikus says:

    She’ll be gone by the end of May.

    Have to disagree with Norm here – the more active the NDP are at this point the greater the chance of an inadvertant lifeline being thrown to Clark by some misstep. The media is already looking to even the odds…if only to make the race more “interesting” and sell more newspapers. Anything will do in that regard, no matter how ridiculous (faregate).

    Better to stand back and let your foe self-immolate. Step up closer to the election.

    It’s too late for new horses this round, methinks too. Definitely next time though.

  6. Julie says:

    Perhaps, the BC Liberals will change their name to, the Northern Foundation Party. That would please Harper to no end. That was Harper’s party in 1989.

    Harper rewarded Campbell for doing his dirty work for him. I think Christy wants the same deal Campbell got. Where is Christy getting all the money, for the Enbridge pipeline, roads and infrastructure? Hmmmm Christy said, the province is flat broke. She said, there is no money to pay the teachers. Hmmm Something stinks.

  7. CGHZD says:

    Dead Crusty walking. She will be gone at the end of April.??

  8. Paul Smith says:

    Nobody would take the job if she gave it up. Brand is dead.

    If she is gone sooner than May 2013 it will have to be through a loss of confidence in the legislature, which could come about if the BCCons win Chilliwack-Hope and a few BCLibs cross over after the 19th. Low probability though.

    Failing an early loss of confidence vote, the NDP has to be very worried about the right-wing coalition emerging from a BC Con convention in September with a new leader and some momentum going into 2013. That’s where the hard work is being done.

  9. Paul Smith says:

    Norm is also right that the NDP should be actively locking down the votes it is gaining from the BCLib meltdown. Yesterday’s Angus Reid poll suggests: “One-in-three BC Liberal voters in 2009 (33%) are now saying they would vote for the BC Conservatives, and 14 per cent are ready to back the NDP.” Leave that 14% on the table and the NDP loses next election, when ever it is.

  10. motorcycleguy says:

    I’m with Norm. It is not all port and starboard, support for any politician in any party is softer than “they” think. While standing back waiting for an election, more and more contracts giving away control of our resources are being signed (read IPP’s). More and more concessions are being forced on the average wage earner. The soft support will not forget anyone (from any party) who stops this in its tracks (no pun intended). What about those who are neither soft nor hard supporters and don’t vote at all? What about members of other parties like the Greens? How many mis-steps could a guy like Horgan (or Trasolini) make if unleashed to speak up for average citizens, education, innovative enterprise, small business and our environment? How many mis-steps can be reported when the subject matter is balanced and delivered with integrity? I would like to see the oppostion running down the halls right behind Clark, Coleman, Hansen and Lekstrom in the camera frame…or visiting all the same venues as the “photo-ops”. When the media doesn’t get anywhere (or is turned back by “security”) the opposition is right there to say “Let me answer that for you”….and I will stand still while I do so. ……ok, maybe Coleman wasn’t acutally in the running group.

  11. John's Aghast says:

    She’s gone now. She just hasn’t left.

  12. PeterG says:

    The get away car is idling outside. The gang is just cleaning out the last items in the safe.

  13. G West says:

    I don’t think so – although the rumors are increasing in volume here in Victoria. The House is sitting and there are a number of bills in the hopper so don’t expect anything dramatic until after the session. Clark was on CBC radio today for a lengthy and not very exciting exchange with Mark Forsythe and a few callers – she didn’t come across to me as someone who’s thinking about stepping down so if she’s going to go – in my view, there will have to be somebody pushing her pretty hard….

  14. motorcycleguy says:

    apologies if this gets double posted….I lost my first comment somewhere…….I’m with Norm. Standing back waiting for an election is allowing many more contracts to get finalized (read IPP’s). Falls right into the lap of foreign controlled big business. Falls right into the lap of the lobbyists and their government contacts. There are many of us that have fallen into that soft support category….that would be soft support for anyone calling themselves a politician in BC today…..whether labelled port or starboard. What about all those that don’t vote at all? What mis-steps could possibly happen if one proclaims support for the average wage earner, innovative enterprises, education, environment or small business? We are weary of perceived wishywashiness on the part of the opposition. People like Horgan and Trasolini need to be unleashed. For all we know there are people hidden in the structure of other parties that really care about our province and want to make a positive impact on average everyday BC’ers. If they are there, we know they are hidden because the ones that are talking sure aren’t on our side. “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” Words spoken with conviction, commonsense and integrity are very difficult to twist, even by our professional “journalists”. How refreshing it would be to see someone…anyone…standing in the same hallway where “journalists” are chasing the leader of the party in power, in the same TV camera frame holding up their hand saying “Hey….I can answer that for you…I’m standing still, not running or hiding behind gum chewing security…. and above all… neither myself nor my friends are going to profit more than any other citizen on the deal!” . Wonder which scenario has the better odds….this ….or Ms. Clark staying on.

  15. e.a.f. says:

    I don’t think she will go. She is where she wants to be. Now it maybe some of her mlas will decide to push her, but that will take a real revolt if she doesn’t hve something waiting in the wings & I don’t think she does.

    I would bet she stays until an election. Her own mla s can create that by leaving the party & voting against her bills but I don’t think they want to give up their nice salaries & have to re-join the real world.

    If she goes a lot of bloggers may have to get something else to do. She & the lieberals have provided a lot of entertainment not to mention a lot of misery.

    Part of the problem is the lieberals have not brought prosperity to B.C. for the average citizen. Its just been taxes & tolls. I know of 5 families who have left the province to work elsewhere. They can’t find jobs to sustain themselves in B.C. Buying a home is out of the question & wages are too low. It isn’t just young people, some are older & just want to make some money before they have to retire, or the are retiring & can’t afford to stay in B.C. The Maritines offer a good alternative.

    Phil Hockstien can rant & rave all he wants but where are the jobs in B.C. ? They aren’t coming. The leiberals are destroying what WAC Bennett put together & they are destroying the enviornment while they are at it. Killing gizzley bears never made a lot of money for anybody. Just gave the province a really bad name.

  16. John says:

    She’ll step down before summer or she’ll be pushed out.

    She’ll sight all the usual reasons and I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows double victory signs high over her head before getting into a helijet and yelling “you’re not going to have Christy Clark to kick around anymore.”

    We can only hope.

  17. John Twigg says:

    It may be a bit late but I’ll chip in anyway.
    I too think it’s a strategic mistake for the Dix New Dems to lie low and just let a declining party follow on its own sword, because too many things could reverse.
    What if Crispy used her majority to move the election date back?
    What if Falcon went to the BC Conservative Party but George Abbott went on a populist clean-up run and did what Christy didn’t: like prosecute Kinsella? (unlikely, but…)
    What if Dix had another mis-step, or got sideswapped in a drive-by smear?
    Christy should be ousted but most of the big money is still behind her because for now she’s their only choice (because Cummins cannot be controlled by anyone).
    A lot will become more clear after the byelections but IMO the Dix New Dems need to be a lot more pro-active, especially regarding job creation.

  18. John Twigg says:

    should be fall on its own sword

  19. RS says:

    Takes me back to when I lived in the E. Kootenays and local Lions’ Club would run their annual Ice Out Draw. One would pick a date and time when one thought the ice would go out and the closest one wins.
    Anyone want to approach BC Lottery Corp to seek a license to run a Christy Out draw? Good fun! $1000 to the winner and the rest to a charitable cause.

  20. Sasha says:

    For Christi Clark, the only way to make a come back, would be to put an immediate stop to the “Smart Meters”. and have them going through the appropriate channels, for safety, privacy and health risks. These meters should carry the sign of approval that is so demanded for all appliances. Her remark “Get off the Grid or leave the province”, was uncalled for and oh so on professional. If she ever had a change to make a come back, that is the first action she would need to take to remove the smart meters She forgot that she was elected by the people for the people. Now these same citizens are more than anxious to vote her out again. So think Christi Clark, what is your alternative??

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