R U KDN me?

Today’s big stories in the Sun:

NPA Park Board Commissioner mad he can’t name a park after himself.  

Standing in George Wainborn Park – an NPA commissioned park constructed on contaminated land in North East False Creek area and named after the sitting Chair of the NPA dominated park board – NPA park commissioner John Coupar attacked Vision’s plan to open up the park naming process to – gasp! – the public.

“I remember when we kept it cozy,” John Coupar told a crowd of two.  “We named this park after our own.  We couldn’t have done this under this new touchy feely, hippy dippy public process.  It’s an outrage that we can no longer take care of our own.”

Coupar pledged to fight meaningful public involvement to the end.  “Join me tomorrow when I replace the Stanley Park sign with ‘John Coupar Park’.  That’ll teach the public to stay out of the park naming business.”

NDP Leader joins thousands and loses his Skytrain ticket

News alert, NDP leader Adrian Dix is just like thousands of other regular Skytrain riders who buy a ticket and can’t remember which pocket they’ve stashed it in when the ticket checkers come around.

Dix felt the full weight of the law for his unforgiveable negligence.  He got a warning.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s expose from the Sun’s crack investigative team: “Adrian Dix – the library fines”.

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4 Responses to R U KDN me?

  1. Suzanne says:

    Even more shameful in this day and age “Adrian Dix – DVD’s Past Due”. As you might expect, there will be a video clip on that one

  2. Is Dix entitled to a “Special Prosecutor” ?

  3. kootcoot says:

    Dix misplaces his skytrain ticket and it’s BIG NEWS/SCANDAL.

    The BC LIEberals misplace an entire Railroad and the imaginary BILLION dollars, no big deal. I’m so glad our media manages to keep everything in perspective.

  4. RS says:

    Hilarious Ian!
    Wonderin’ how low Her Royal Heinous and Her lackeys will stoop to discredit Her critics ‘n’ detractors?
    Me thinks Her tenuous grip on the reins of power and the fabric of Her character are about to fray like a snag in a cheap pair of nylon stockings.

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