Media notes

Sometimes I just get so frustrated…

  • The National Post continues its stellar work this week as a funnel for the Conservative Party’s damage control efforts. John Ivison joins Christie Blatchford as a safe conduit for selective leaks designed to obscure the nature of Conservative scandals.

You want the truth about the Tories?  Don’t look for it in the Post.  (The Gazetteer has a great inculpatory juxtaposition here)

  • During the recent civic election Vancouver Sun relied upon Barb Justason’s polling to argue that the NPA really was in the game.  Now the Christy loving paper turns a blind eye to Justason’s recent polling that shows the BC Christy Party isn’t – in the game that is – as it falls even further behind the BC NDP.

According to Justason’s poll released last Friday the BCNDP now has a 14 pt. lead over the BC Liberals – 45% to 31% with the BC Conservatives at 14%.  Wouldn’t want to show how much of a disaster Clark’s government is on the eve of a by-election call now would we?

  • Love him or hate him, (and I think that depends on how much of the Christy kool-aid you’ve drunk) Alex Tsakumis has done more digging on the Jaspal Atwal, BC Place naming and Harry Bloy enabling scandals of the last two weeks than almost all other BC journalists combined.  Mike Smyth and the Province earn an exemption by breaking the Eminata/Bloy story.
  • Last but not least can you believe Janet Steffenhagen’s front page story this morning?  It might be the go-to-piece for a definition of modern day red-baiting.  Take an un-signed “pamphlet” and spin it into a story that suggests it may be a core BCTF strategy.  Stick it on the front page.  Does it remind you as much as it reminds me of the Global strike vote charade on the cusp of the 2005 provincial election?  A story that somehow lost its raison d’etre the day after the vote.



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