End times?


What a mess, what a wrong-headed, stupid, avoidable, politically driven mess.

That’s what this week in provincial and national politics looks like to me.

Here in BC we have a government playing a labour dispute to improve their chances in a couple of by-elections.  Not to deal with real issues in the public education system.  Not to improve the system.  Not to improve falling test scores or growing class size problems. But to re-engage right wing voters leaving the BC Liberals in droves.

The government introduced a budget with the same rationale.  After a flurry of independent reports describing how the BC Liberals have decimated our forest resource, made life worse for the most vulnerable children and plugged up our legal system letting criminals go free, Premier Clark crafted a budget full of questionable numbers designed to grab back fed up conservative voters.

Sitting in the gallery, clapping along with the trained seals on the BC Liberal benches, was a terrorist convicted of attempted murder and ICBC fraud, who was also charged in the beating of former Premier Ujjal Dosanjh.  Invited by the Premier’s office, would be assassin Jaspal Atwal has been rumoured to be a key operative in Clark’s leadership campaign.

This says more about the government than anything else this week.  Wanna be assassin? Thug and fraudster?  The Premier and the BC Liberals shrug it off because Atwal has something they want so they are willing to play.

This is a government with no moral compass, no ethical guide to their actions.  It’s a government that will do anything to get re-elected.  And that only grows the more they don’t deserve it.

Ottawa this week shows where that leads.

It started with Vic Toews beginning the slow walk back from the internet surveillance legislation he never read.  Not reading his own legislation didn’t stop Toews from calling citizens opposed to unwarranted surveillance ‘child pornographer friends.’

But the week really got rolling with the growing scandal over Conservative led voter suppression campaigns.  “No evidence”, Harper repeated over and over again.  Then Elections Canada admitted there was evidence.

“The calls were made by Liberals” trumpeted Harper’s stand in, only to apologize a few hours later.  ‘I mixed up the names of a couple of phoning companies,’ he said in defence.  Translation:  ‘I’m stupid and my party may be evil. Who cares?’

Then Elections Canada found more evidence of a Conservative voter suppression campaign.  31,000 complaints about Conservative voter suppression efforts.

This isn’t Canada.  It’s Putinville.

Even Conservative apologists in the media – like the Globe’s John Ibbitson – are getting mad as each new revelation makes them look more like the foolish toadies they are.

To take the heat off – I repeat, the heat off! – Harper’s Cons are looking forward to an awful, horrendous cost cutting budget.  Never mind the fact that economic growth slowed in the last quarter, which means a slash and burn budget is exactly the wrong thing to do right now.

The Conservatives increasingly seem to specialize in “the wrong thing to do”.  Just like their sister government in BC.

All in all the goings on this week make it seem that, while we weren’t looking, Canada has become the US, circa 2004.  What’s next:  “hey, let’s bomb Iran.”

What a pathetic country we’ve become in so short a time.


For good links on the vote suppression scandal head over to the Gazetteer.  On the tight relationship between Christy Clark and the terrorist read Alex Tsakumis.



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15 Responses to End times?

  1. david says:

    Wasn’t Ken Boessenkool, recently hired to head Christy’s team, a key strategist on the Harper election team? Was he involved in voter suppression tactics? Does he bring that ethic to his new role? End times indeed.

  2. John's Aghast says:

    I just lost AGT at 4:05 PM. Can you log on?

  3. Warren White says:

    Looks like Christy’s fighting back – AGT’s site seems to be down – anyone know if there’s a back-up plan or site?

  4. John's Aghast says:

    No, but I’ll bet he’s some pissed! Maybe we won’t have to wait until Tuesday for the bomb to drop.
    This doesn’t appear to be a very smart move – unless his readership crashed his site.

  5. simo says:

    You write well when you’re pissed; but I have a cheery thought. Maybe we are witnessing the self destruction of the Republican party.

  6. Rebel with a Cause was hacked last year as well & another time it was pure traffic that shut it down. Having done a little digging I can suggest his site was hacked again.
    High traffic would likely just reset and ask you to start again or act terribly slow. This time however we get an ad. And yes I agree the Liberals & in particular Christy Campbell/Clark has been caught lying again & I’m sure the big boys are meeting to figure out their next step. It’s not like Christy to miss a photo-op (Telus).

  7. RS says:

    This from Tsakumis:

    “Massive volume crash. Up shortly. Sorry. “

  8. cherylb says:

    It’s very pathetic. What happened to Canada and how did it happen so fast?

  9. RossK says:

    There you go again Ian….

    Putting Mr. T and me in the same same paragraph.

    Bombast this way comin’ in…..5….4….3….2……



  10. James says:

    What happened to Canada? How about “We let this happen to Canada.”
    We did it by not stopping things that we knew were wrong. Instead, we looked at it happening and said, “Oh well.” and carried on. Kind of like Bush and his antics. While he was doing it, no one had a problem. Then he went to far and by then it was too late. Try calling your MP. A ten second phone call from one person voicing their dissatisfaction about the Conservative government to your MP’s secretary will get you brushed off. A ten second phone call from twenty people voicing their dissatisfaction about the Conservative government to your MP’s secretary will get that secretary calling the MP and telling them that they’re constituents are pissed. Try it. See what happens.
    Vic Toews is a fear monger and a cry baby when he doesn’t get his way.

  11. zipidachimp says:

    whew! thought the thug had gotten to alex. wottarelief!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. robert says:

    For the second time I tried to access A. Taksumis website and was told I was forbidden.

  13. James King says:

    Not to worry. Tsakumis is now back up – nothing more unusual than a volume overload – his service provider may have to get a bigger pipe…

  14. workforfun says:

    It seems that the CPC has no ethics or integrity either – it is just here in BC with the BC Liberals !


    This latest link (Friday night) shows that the Several Conservative MP’s did indeed, use US telephone companies. This serves to show just how big a liar Harper is as well as all of his cronies.

    Makes for some interesting times – though many millions will be spent unwisely, to counter the surfacing evidence of federal election fraud.


  15. Julie says:

    Did I read right? Christy is lining up the HST payback, for the next party to pay? That she is also selling off the buildings and the rest of the Real Estate, this province owns? So there will be absolutely nothing left for this province to recover with.

    Campbell thieved and sold our BCR. China owns BC mines…they will be bringing their own people to work those mines. Same as the tar sands. Harper is permitting China to buy up the tar sands. They are bringing their own people to work their vast tar sands projects. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. They refuse to pay WCB for injured workers. They refuse to comply with Canadian rules and work regulations. They can pay their own workers, their usual crap wages.

    Campbell has already sent some BC mills to China, along with our raw logs. If any of the mines going into Northern BC are owned by China, they will bring their own miners.

    Campbell was also a vindictive little boy. His theft and sale of our rivers, are an eco disaster. Campbell totally destroyed BC hydro. Now the beautiful Kokish River, is slated for destruction as well. It’s bas enough, government freed is killing off our salmon, because of the filthy diseased fish farms. And Campbell’s, $1 billion stupid smart meters is asinine. However, very successful at another way to financially ruin BC. The site C dam will be used for fracking, which will poison the clean underground water. This delivers another blow to BC. The site C dam, will destroy the most valuable farmland in all of Canada. The Vancouver area is losing valuable farmland, to greedy urban sprawl developers. A global shortage of food, and the fools destroy prime farmland.

    I remember Fadden of CSIS warning of China’s encroachment into Canada. Looks like our worst nightmares are coming true. Vancouver is pretty much bought up by the Chinese. They want Mandarin Immersion schools, because there are so many of them.

    They do say…Man is the most destructive animal on earth, and the most stupid one at that.

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