For the good of the party

“What I hope to do is demonstrate that this premier, this minister of finance and this government intends to respond to things in a manner that will bring home some of those people that have decided to support another party,”

Kevin Falcon, BC  Finance Minister

Falcon admits it.  Party trumps province.  Who cares what people need?  This budget is about what the BC Liberal party needs.

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2 Responses to For the good of the party

  1. sjm says:

    Well, bring on the next provincial election and we’ll see how many need the BC Liberal party.

  2. harry lawson says:

    this just proves that for over the last decade, it has always been about liberals

    if it was about the people of bc we would still have bc rail,
    we would have a house that sat and debated
    and yes christy would be electable

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