Fool you once, shame on them. Fool you twice…

BC Budget 2012.

MSP premiums up, Fees up, Small business taxes up, Hydro Rates up, Gas tax up.  Health care, eduction, post sec, law and order all down.

It’s the “Families last” budget.


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2 Responses to Fool you once, shame on them. Fool you twice…

  1. Galena says:

    It is interesting to note the reduction in bring cash personal tax exemption from $11,000 down to the 2009 $9,373 plus the questionable approx. 2% inflation figure. Doesn’t even come remotely close to covering my cash out of pocket cost of increased MSP at 4.5%, hydro at 7.07% on April 1, 2012 and the continual theft of the extra 7% due to bc HST and increased motor fuel taxes. Incredible, hornrimmed glasses mentions deficit under control and being reduced when I see the figure increasing from about 50.985 Billion to 57.603 billion in one year(2011/12 vs 2012/13)TableA17p150Budgetandfiscalplan. Yes increasing debt by 1/7 is indeed a prudent thing to do if one is a parasite.

  2. Chrid says:

    When do we get the 7% HST back? We should get credit
    for all the extra we’re paying and they get 5 years to
    pay back the 1.6 billion ? We didn’t vote to keep it
    until 2013 -if they ever do. We voted to get rid of HST
    then and there. BC Liberals are crooks ho think it’s ok to
    drive drunk and lie and be unsocially responsible. MSP?
    Another tax on the tax on the levy on the fee? They say
    that BC’ers are one of the lowest taxed?

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