HST driving BC vote patterns?

Is the BC Liberal Christy Party hamstrung by the HST?  That’s one question raised by a new Angus Reid poll on the Premier’s HST strategy.

The poll, released Friday night by CTV news, shows the HST continues to be mighty unpopular.  And the government’s strategy hasn’t done a thing to change that.

According to Reid, 66% of British Columbians are dissatisfied with the government’s plan to remove the HST by April 1, 2013 – almost 20 months after British Columbians voted to get rid of it.

That’s still a pretty high number.  It doesn’t appear there’s been much diminishment in the anger around the HST a year after Clark took office.

But the stat I found most interesting is the percent of British Columbians who are satisfied with the government’s plan.  27% are just fine with what the government is doing on the HST.

That’s awfully close to the percentage of British Columbians who’ve said they would vote for the BC Liberals in the latest opinion polls from Forum, Reid and Ipsos.  That tells me two related things:  Clark’s taken ownership of the hated tax and the BC Liberals haven’t escaped the electoral damage Campbell’s resignation was supposed to have avoided.

Last week we saw a flurry of speculation about what Clark might do next to resurrect her doomed party.  From a battle over Site C to a fight with teachers commentators were scraping the bottom of the barrel for a way to shift the current trajectory.

And Clark herself signalled a new start by re-stocking her office with another high profile Harper Conservative activist.

But I’d question all those moves in light of the failure of Clark to distinguish herself from Campbell on the one issue that appears to underlie voters’ desire to be rid of her government and maybe even, party.


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2 Responses to HST driving BC vote patterns?

  1. harry lawson says:

    you can always change the messanger however the message is still the message,

    the announcement of the hst changes should have been in the house on budget day.
    in the house open to questions during question period,
    all recorded in hansard.
    we all need to honour and protect our democracy

  2. islandpapa says:

    can you see the Harper life ring floating towards Christy? Someday early next year.
    An HST debt forgiveness…they’re just trying to figure out how to frame it.

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