What Newt knows that Harper doesn’t want you to know

Did you catch Newt Gingrich’s salute to our great conservative PM, Saturday night?

Crazy Newt Gingrich, following a line that worked well for him  all week in South Carolina, placed a major shout out to Harper in his victory speech, thanking Harper for supporting the Keystone pipeline.

But was he thanking Harper for supporting Canada’s interest?  Not a bit.  Newt made it clear that Harper was supporting US interests at the expense of Chinese interests.  The Keystone pipeline, Gingrich said, made sure that tar sands oil would end up in the US rather than in China.

But that’s not the real oil news in Gingrich’s speech.  Here’s what he said Keystone means to the US:

“We’d make money on the pipeline,” Newt said,  his voice launching into demogogeury cadence, “we’d make money on managing the pipeline, we’d make money on refining the oil, and we’d make money on the ports of Houston and Galveston shipping the oil.”

That’s lots of money for the US to handle our oil.  We’d only make money on getting the bitumen out of the sands.  That’s about it.  Americans get to manage, refine and ship.

Hewers of wood, drawers of tar sands.  That’s about all we’re good for.  And Harper serves their interests in maintaining that relationship.  Not ours.

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4 Responses to What Newt knows that Harper doesn’t want you to know

  1. Don F. says:

    This is very disturbing and insulting to all canadian taxpayers given the amount we have been subsidising this industry and the corporate welfare they have enjoyed at our expense. A classic example of biting the hand that feeds you and a government who’s priorities have run completely amock! very insulting!

  2. Dan Schubart says:

    Thanks for pointing this out, although people who have their heads up and their eyes open were aware of all that Newt said. It needs to be said on Parliament Hill and declaimed calmly in all the organs of the press so Canadian citizens can get the true flavour of what they wrought last May 2. Gazetteer’s comments today about blogs become even more relevant, given the reverberating silence on the part of all the duly constituted organs of the press.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    Yes, I did find Newt’s shout out to Harper interesting, “friendly to the USA”, or words to the effect. It really was quite surprizing given they have made it sound like Rommey’s ability to speak french is some sort of form of treason. Guess he doesn’t know Harper can also speak french. On the other hand I suspect he doesn’t care what Harper speaks as long as his mega corp buddies get Canada’s oil. I’m sure they’d make a lovely couple and so do the multi national corps. they both “work” for.

    Harper’s interests have never been Canada’s interests. His interests and how he wants to see the world is all he cares about. He cares little for our enviornment. He had one focus in life, to become P.M. and that he has done. Now his goal is to implement his version of how life should be. The voters gave him the majority he wanted and now we all get to live or die with it.

    I suspect even his comments regarding sales to China was to have people think, well if we are going to sell oil it might as well be to the USA. For many, the idea of selling to China instead of the USA is not palatible. If you can twist the public’s view on things, you got it made. They sell bitamen oil to the USA who refines it and then sell it to China. It works for the multi nationals and the USA gets the jobs it needs. Too many job losses and there really could be a revolt. Canada on the other hand, who cares about it. Our population is smaller and we are not the type to start a revolution. The Americans are. They fought with Britian and then the fought with themselves.

    The only thing we can hope for is the next federal election will result in Harper’s defeat and no long term agreements have been signed, that Canada can’t get out of.

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