Blogger right, MSM wrong

Congratulations to Norm Farrell, who writes one of the best Canadian blogs going over at Northern Insights.

Norm’s been writing about the small, incestuous relationship between BC’s legislative Press Gallery and the BC Liberal government for a while now.  And now he’s got a real victory under his belt.

Yesterday, CBC’s Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe, ruled that CBC Victoria Bureau Chief Stephen Smart is in a journalistic conflict of interest based on his marital relationship with Christy Clark’s deputy press secretary Rebecca Scott.

Norm launched the complaint last December, after CBC officials denied the conflict.

Lapointe said this about Smart’s conflict:

“In this instance some of Smart’s central political reporting functions that involve dealings with the premier and her opponents are affected or impeded. He also bears an unavoidable conflict of commitment in which professional responsibilities commingle with moral obligations in other legitimate personal roles in his life.”

Mild words given the unbelievable arrangement and CBC’s stonewalling on this issue.

Read Norm’s full article here.


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