AGT got there first

Last Friday Alex Tsakumis told us Mike MacDonald would soon be out as Christy Clark’s chief of staff.  Today the Sun reports that MacDonald has been shoved aside.  I thought “better late than never” wasn’t a very good news strategy.  Especially when the Sun more often than not specializes in “never”.

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  1. Bill says:

    Hi Ian

    The Vancouver Sun (and Johnathon Fowlie) too often specialize in spin, not investigative journalism. A real reporter would among other practices be following many leads – including local political blogs for leads to news stories on the cusp.

    In this “report”, news breaking is not simply reproducing the Liberals press release of the day on change of staff in the Premier’s office – with some limited analysis.

    This piece is typical of the pro media, too little – too late, Alex’s piece was more timely. It puts the Sun and Fowlie to shame.

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