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Where even an Iphone picture taken with a hand shaking from the cold, can look good.              

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Another big Vision win

So it is over.  And the result was predictable.  Predictable, that is, if you don’t pay attention to the media’s predilection to focus on the small beer like the “Occupy Crisis”. Polls over the last year have all pointed to … Continue reading

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Sun: Socialist hordes are on the march

“In 2008 he became Vancouver’s 44th mayor, sweeping in a Vision Vancouver council very much with a “build it and they will come” socialist agenda trimmed heavily in green. Now he’s aiming for re-election, wanting to continue Vision’s vision for … Continue reading

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Red meat Anton wrong

“Inequality?  There’s nothing the city can do about it.” Suzanne Anton   Whoever said that the Occupy folks have no message and no goals is spinning like there is no tomorrow. Of course they have a message and goals.  They … Continue reading

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Common sense…

On the Occupy movement and its end?  Who would have thought it.  But here it is over on Mr. Beer and Hockey’s website. I’d go a bit farther:  to understand when to quit you need to know what your goals … Continue reading

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And you thought BC Rail was over

Alex Tsakumis has opened the floodgates on the BC Rail deal.  Now we’ll see if any water comes rushing through. The Auditor General is reviewing the Basi Virk deal that overturned government policy in order to provide a $6 million … Continue reading

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BC Liberals: new poll says time for a change

“Right wing split hands NDP considerable lead over Liberals”. That’s the Vancouver Sun’s spin on the new Angus Reid poll that gives Adrian Dix and the BCNDP a 9 point lead over the BC Liberals. Suprisingly, it’s the same as … Continue reading

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The next BC Liberal manifesto

“What I recall Greg Selinger doing in Manitoba and McGuinty in Ontario [was being] very much focused on their government’s agenda,” “They established their framework of what their government stood for and defined that clearly in the public mind and … Continue reading

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The Bucket List Festival

The Bucket List Festival.  Somehow those two things – bucket list and festival – don’t seem to fit in the same sentence.  But they do and I’m the proof of that. The Bucket List Festival is in its second year.  … Continue reading

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