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Stir it up

Is Suzanne Anton crazy?  I don’t know for sure but her recent email to NPA supporters seems to lean that way as she beats the drum of riots and violence in order to further her weak political ambitions. Anton’s email … Continue reading

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Christy Clark afraid of Adrian Dix

So afraid she refuses to debate him on the HST.  And I understand Clark’s fear after hearing Dix on CKNW this morning.  The truth is Christy Clark should be afraid of Dix.  From what I’ve heard he’ll demolish her in … Continue reading

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Lucinda Williams

Lucinda Williams played the Vogue last night and I went with an old friend and two of the three kids.  Unfortunately the third, who’s actually the first or eldest, couldn’t make the show on account of her holiday in Vancouver … Continue reading

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History repeats itself and repeats itself and etc…

It’s been up and down lately –  healthwise, but no matter how lousy I feel stuff won’t stop happening. Take Christy Clark for instance [insert joke here]. Is there anything Clark won’t stick her nose in?  No matter how stupid … Continue reading

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I apologize in advance for the long post… Here’s how it came about.  I went on a short roadtrip yesterday, which had me thinking about long roadtrips and that had me searching for notes I made when I spent a … Continue reading

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Not your mother’s brand of anarchist

“Water polo player suspended, accused of rioting in Vancouver” CP headline, June 18, 211 I heard Mike Smyth get all class “warfare”ish on the radio the day after riot.  Channeling Bruce Allen and Don Cherry he claimed there was a … Continue reading

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Let’s show the world

Riots? Put liquor, drugs, testosterone, jerks and sports fanaticism together in one four block space.  Mix, then add Don Cherry. Is anyone surprised a riot occurred? Vancouver is no different than any other large, metropolitan area in the developed world. … Continue reading

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The Liars Club

The great Minitrue in the sky cracked a big smile when the Vancouver Sun joined the Liars Club yesterday, to stand side by side with Christy Clark Liberals. What else can you say when you open the Sun to an editorial … Continue reading

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The Christy Clark Curse comes home

And they paid her way to the game?

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Sleepless Nights

I flew back from Las Vegas last night. Here’s the story.  Paul got me a great cheap flight back home for today’s chemo, but it was from Vegas and our place is in Palm Springs.  That means a road trip … Continue reading

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