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Fake neutrality: Selling the HST

I’m on my way to Toronto to see the new docs Monday.  We can use the first class lounge as the husband flies so much he has one of those cards that does that. I don’t drink in the morning.  … Continue reading

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Ch…ch…ch… changes?

Politics.  It’s pretty much been my life now for thirty plus years.  And I love it. I love thinking about politics and writing about politics.  I especially love gossiping about it, which I haven’t done so much on this site.  … Continue reading

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Worst interview, ever

Marcella Munro sent me the link to Stephen Quin’s interview with newly minted NPA mayoral candidate by acclamation Suzanne Anton. Good thing she doesn’t have to convince NPA members, wherever they are. The campaign hasn’t even started and the NPA … Continue reading

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Up, up and…. oh dear…

Just back from a roadtrip with the middle child.  And I missed something big this week – Suzanne Anton’s jump off the civic cliff. Base jumping without a parachute.  That takes guts. But, who knows?  Maybe she’ll change her mind … Continue reading

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I smell a contest coming on

Colin Hansen – uncle to the HST – wants to change the name of the BC Liberals to something more akin to their raison d’etre. Time for all good women and men to come to the aid of the party. … Continue reading

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Christy Clark, cheater?

Laila Yule has the scoop.  Clark delivered lunches – and a photo op – to her poll scrutineers Wednesday.  Here’s the relevant Election Act section:  “(3) Other than for the purpose of voting, a candidate must not be present while … Continue reading

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Another view on Clark near loss

Alex Tsakumis has an insightful post on last night’s by-election over on his site. Especially interesting is his insider’s look at some of the backroom players on Clark’s team.  One person he missed is Norman Stowe.  The million dollar man … Continue reading

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Is that panic in their eyes?

I checked out the Globe’s on-line discussion of the Point Grey by-election yesterday and was struck by how much the two local reporters resembled their federal colleagues during the recent federal campaign. Basically, they didn’t have a clue what was … Continue reading

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The secret life of lobbyists

On March 12, 2008 former Deputy Minister to the Premier Ken Dobell pleaded guilty to one count of violating the BC Lobbyist Registry Act in his capacity as a lobbyist for the City of Vancouver. Mr. Dobell avoided a federal … Continue reading

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The Casino Play

The BC Pavilion Corporation planned the redevelopment of the BC Place Stadium to accommodate the new Paragon owned Casino complex ten months prior to selecting Paragon’s casino proposal in a supposedly open competition according to documents obtained through a City … Continue reading

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