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The NPA says its sorry

“The financial and schedule risks assumed by the City with respect to the Olympic Village remain unchanged”. The lead in the NPA’s last official press release , November 6, 2008 “NPA Councillor Suzanne Anton said that it’s clear now that … Continue reading

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Paragon’s place at the BC Liberal table

A version of this article can be found on the Vancouver Observer The cost of the BC Place roof – like the billion dollar convention centre – has been a moving target.   Announced at about $260 million in January 2009, … Continue reading

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Did Rich Coleman tell the truth about BCLC and Paragon?

Tomorrow, the city sponsored hearings resume on Paragon’s zoning application for a new casino at BC Place Casino.  They continue Sunday during the day and Monday night if required to hear from the 211 people on the speakers’ list. One … Continue reading

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Corporate tax cut shocker!

Corporate tax cuts don’t create jobs! Who knew? In case you missed the story on the Sun business pages… find it here.  And in case you missed the Globe’s unique and interesting take on the story… find it here.

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New standards in journalism

A bribing, partisan lobbyist up for membership in BC’s press gallery and likely to get it?  Who could imagine?

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Lady MacBeth endorses Farnworth

“We must be unified in spirit and in purpose, and I know Jenny is as committed to this goal as I am, and I look forward to her support.” Jenny Kwan committed to unity?  On what planet?  Jenny Kwan betrayed … Continue reading

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Vaughn Palmer, falconized

If you question lousy privatization deals, you question free enterprise.  A Falconism if ever there was one, but this time it slipped from the pen of Vaughn Palmer. Disappointing. I’ll probably get ripped for this, but I believe Palmer deserves … Continue reading

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