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Christy Crunch, ouch!

Some truths, courtesy of the BCNDP, the Now team and my husband.  Love the train.

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Pavco can’t get its story straight

“B.C. Pavilion Corp. chairman David Podmore said Thursday that if the proposed casino and hotel complex at BC Place is rejected by Vancouver city council, the Crown corporation will be left without a way to pay for the new $563-million … Continue reading

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My apologies, and read AGT’s blog today

The apology is for the sporadic posts.  The news on the health front has not been good and the posts may get even more infrequent. But there’s so much to write on – corrupt casino deals, corrupt court deals, corrupt … Continue reading

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BC Place casino fix, redux

A version of this story can be found on the Vancouver Observer Pavco’s RFP process for the BC Place casino – owned in part by former BCLC chair T. Richard Turner – was  predetermined. That’s been my conclusion about Paragon/PavCo’s … Continue reading

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More anti-green slime from the NPA/CityCaucus

There’s nothing the folks over at CityCaucus hate more than environmental do-gooders, especially do-gooders with US links. And there’s nothing they like better than hypocrisy, their own being top of the list. Up on the NPA affiliated website today you’ll … Continue reading

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Christy Clark: The Uniter

Who’s that holding up the anti-free trade, pro-Liberal sign? Doesn’t look like Christy really hearts the Tories so much.  Unless it serves her purpose.  Do you think she’ll say anything to get elected? And who does that remind you of?

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