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The leak: what it means

A purported RCMP “continuation report” document leaked to Alex Tsakumis reveals what appears to be a bribe offered by the chief officer of the BC Liberal Party to David Basi in order to secure action by the Finance Minster that … Continue reading

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Alex Tsakumis leaks bombshell

Here. If this is as real as it looks, the BC Liberal Party should be up on charges.  And the administration of justice in this province is highly questionable.

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Tsakumis gets his hands on BC Rail Evidence

…that makes a liar out of Christy Clark, shows up the mainstream press and adds more weight to the “conspiracy theorists’” call for a full public inquiry. The documents Tsakumis released today are clearly part of the evidence amassed for … Continue reading

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Alex Tsakumis takes the Globe/CTV story apart

You must read this to understand why the Globe is lying when it says Liberal politicians were exonerated. This is the second time in two weeks that the Globe/CTV consortium has fronted a targeted leak to serve questionable ends.

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Not so fast… Globe and Mail

So the Globe has cleared all the politicians and all the good BC Liberals in the Basi Virk escapade…  It’s no longer a real scandal just a bad incident, a small escapade. Except the Globe and their partner CTV did … Continue reading

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The Road to Paragon – Part 2

A version of this story appears in the Vancouver Observer Junior Players on the Inside Track A quick and dirty proposal call with one serious proponent – a proposal set up by a rezoning worked out between the NPA council … Continue reading

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Maybe they should have changed their name

Barb Justason Research has a new poll out on the Vancouver Civic scene and it’s mighty bad news for the NPA. Twenty six points back of Vision Vancouver, the NPA is losing momentum rather than gaining it nine months out.  … Continue reading

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The Road to Paragon

This story was written for the Vancouver Observer. A version of the story is up on the VO site. “Stop the expansion of gambling that has increased gambling addiction and put new strains on families,” promised the BC Liberals during … Continue reading

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“Inspired learning comes through fervent prayer”

That’s the motto of the number one elementary school in the province – according to the Fraser Institute. You might add… “and six wives to service your needs.” The institute released its annual rankings yesterday and tied for number one … Continue reading

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I know, I know… I haven’t posted much this week.  But I am working on things for next week.  It is, after all, the week before the casino public hearing… For today though, in honour of No. 1’s birthday, here’s … Continue reading

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