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On the Occupy movement and its end?  Who would have thought it.  But here it is over on Mr. Beer and Hockey’s website.

I’d go a bit farther:  to understand when to quit you need to know what your goals are and to judge whether they are achievable or not and if not, amend them.

This has been a problem for this leaderless (and I don’t mean that in the sense of one leader telling others what to do) movement.

That doesn’t mean I don’t agree with the general goal of Occupy to bring to the fore the plight(s) of the various members of the 99%.  Anyone who reads this blog should know that I believe passionately in that goal.

But I also believe that all social movements have a responsibility to do that as successfully as possible.  I believe that the Occupy movement passed that point a while ago and therefore should have focussed itself on coming to an end, well.

I don’t agree with all the crap that the Occupy encampment is harmful to the city.  That’s an NPA talking point that, like a lot of their talking points, isn’t borne out in reality.  But I do think that the Occupiers are no longer successfully making the case for the 99% and that means it’s time to end the encampment.

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