And you thought BC Rail was over

Alex Tsakumis has opened the floodgates on the BC Rail deal.  Now we’ll see if any water comes rushing through.

The Auditor General is reviewing the Basi Virk deal that overturned government policy in order to provide a $6 million legal indemnity to Basi and Virk.  The question is how did this happen?

The government and the Special Prosecutor are supposed to be separate.  But to complete the deal the Special Prosecutor needed the government to provide the payout contrary to government policy.  So who was the intermediary, who set up the government part of the deal?

Alex Tsakumis names names.  And it’s not pretty.

Read this now: Basi and Virk were bought and its impossible that Mike Dejong knew nothing of it.

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  1. Canadian Canary says:

    Ian, thanks for helping to broadcast this through the Blogger Network.

    And talk about “naming names”! Alex T has just alleged that Wally Oppal brokered the $6 million gift to the two admitted felons, Basi & Virk to pay off their legal bills:

    Where the hell are the BC media, or even the Canadian media on this??? Or the NDP? Are the NDP are too busy coddling their union buddies to pay attention? Pity, I thought they spoke for the people. Hah.

    Alex T. doesn’t make these kinds of allegations lightly or without evidence. It’s telling that no one is suing him either. But he is being threatened with unspecified repercussions by shadowy figures in Bentleys. Nice.

    Life in BC sounds more and more like life in a Mafia regime rather than life in a democratic legal system. In fact, I’d trust the Mafia or biker gangs more than BC’s political-corporate mob — at least these “outlaw organizations” have codes of honour.

    BC isn’t being governed under the Rule of Law anymore. We’re living in a con game, and we the citizens are the prey.

  2. RossK says:

    Leaving aside specific names for the moment because, in this specific case, although it may be forthcoming, Mr. T. has not yet provided actual evidence to back his claim….


    If there was, indeed, a middle man (or woman), would they have worked with one Deputy….

    Or two?


  3. Canadian Canary says:

    RossK, I didn’t say Alex T. had provided evidence. I said he alleges Wally Oppal’s inappropriate involvement and that he has the evidence to back it up, which he has said he will deliver soon. He’s not so foolish as to make such remarks without having substantiation.

    Alex T. has a proven record of making good on his word of providing the evidence, especially evidence of things others want badly to cover up. I don’t think we should dismiss his allegation lightly.

  4. Norm Farrell says:

    Certain Liberal apologists in the corporate media accuse others – bloggers perhaps – of obsessing over BC Rail, an old story not worth bothering about. Similarly, they don’t want to talk about the current mismanagement of BC Ferries or Pavco’s continued deal making behind closed doors.

  5. Sad that anyone would question my sources. Once again, people like Ross K can’t stand the fact that it’s not some doctrinaire leftist releasing this information. Incredible! But hardly surprising.

    Proof!? What an idiot! I write in my post, as plain as day, that a source close to the deal confirmed Oppal’s involvement as point man.

    Then again, if The ilk of Gary E or kookkook or Brian Gough or some other blogger of ill repute reported a fart, Ross K would declare it Chanel No5.

    Pathetic that those of us like Norm and Ian and others, with legitimate reuputations for working in the best interests of the public must share cyberspace with such fools.

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