The next BC Liberal manifesto

“What I recall Greg Selinger doing in Manitoba and McGuinty in Ontario [was being] very much focused on their government’s agenda,”

“They established their framework of what their government stood for and defined that clearly in the public mind and just campaigned really hard. They worked their backsides off, and it paid off.”

John Les comparing the BC Liberals to other recently re-elected governments

So listen up BC.  Here’s where we stand.  And here’s what we’ll be selling next campaign.

We screwed you on the HST, lied about it and then spent $7 million of your money to try and force it down your throat.  When that failed we screwed you twice over in its removal.

We lied about the deficit in the last election and we’re still lying about it according to the Auditor General’s review of our creative accounting over at BC Hydro.

We took $6 million of your money to pay off the lawyers and shut down the Basi Virk trial.  That meant the tough witnesses would never take the stand and get a chance to blow us out of the water.  Your money well spent and the law well-served.

And a lesson well learned so we did it again with Boss Power Corp. at a cost of $30 million this time.  And we fired the civil servant who tried to follow the law.  Didn’t he get the memo?  Screw the law we say.

And if a child stands in our way over at Community (love that name, it’s so 1984 Big Brother) Living BC we go all Marley at Christmas and cut the funding.  If they don’t like it we doctor the report and ship them off to Siberia or a share house in Cache Creek.

We gutted BC Hydro, forced it to sell our buddies’ over-priced power and covered it up with some textbook manipulation of the books.  And we’re spending a billion dollars on smart meters.   You never know when you might need an extra special new rate for peak times.

Speaking of the dark arts or any arts at all – slashed and slashed again.

We put half a billion into BC Place so our other buddies could add a casino.  And we saw the gas tax and raised it some.

We set up special prosecutors for our MLAs who slipped up, and we got them all off. Crime, like any other business, pays when we’re in charge.

Then there’s Kash Heed.  We admit it.  A big mistake.

Above all we took care of our special fundraising friends.  Come on down T. Richard Turner, Pat Kinsella, David MacLean and countless other one per centers.  You mean more to us than all the rest of the ninety-nine per centers put together.  And you can count on us to keep it like it is.

British Columbians, that’s where the BC Liberals stand.

If you don’t like it, we can always stage a coup.


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3 Responses to The next BC Liberal manifesto

  1. RossK says:

    And if Mr. Les wants to really start working his backside off, he could start by getting to the bottom of the story of what happened to every single kid who is no longer with us that adds up to a number that he (i.e. Mr. Les) has darn well known about since 2006.

    And that number is….



  2. kootcoot says:

    This manifesto is AWESOME, Ian……totally.

  3. TayraD says:

    Its nice to see someone can pull it all together, put it into an inciteful format and use it to smack people upside the head who need it. Very very well done.

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