More dirty money in Heed campaign?

Is there something more we should know?

CBC radio is reporting that Kash Heed’s convicted campaign manager Barinder Sall told the network that there is up to $40 K more in undisclosed, and potentially illegal campaign spending.  If true that would put Heed way over the legal limit once again.

In a surprising – I’m kidding – development Heed’s lawyer issued a denial, which is meaningless as Heed’s main line of defence was that he knew nothing about how his campaign was financed.  If Heed knew nothing how could his lawyer know whether or not there were other illegal expenditures?

My question is this:  Did the RCMP and special prosecutor ever ask Sall “whether there was any other hidden spending that he as the campaign manager knew about but didn’t disclose?”

Heed’s lawyer defended the process saying the police did a forensic audit.  But that would only capture recorded expenses, not faked third party or other expenses that never made their way into Heed’s election account.

If the police investigation did not ask Barinder Sall that question and in light of Sall’s new statement shouldn’t the case be re-opened?

Sall has given the same interview to the Link, an important South Asian paper.  The paper has, as well, acquired several emails that appear to be counter Heed’s claim that Sall was only a hired gun with no real relationship to Heed.

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