Muammar Gaddafi, where are you when we need you?

So Susan Anton wants to clear out a bunch of orderly but inconvenient demonstrators.  Brilliant.  I’ll see you one riot and raise you another.

Where’s Gaddafi when you need him.  He might have had faults but he sure knew how to clear a city square.

Seriously, what is Anton thinking?  Free speech is pretty much enshrined in the constitution.  The demonstrators are orderly and – I can hardly believe this from my old days – neater than a pin.  I wish fans leaving ‘whatever corporation owns it’ Place and the bubble were as orderly and nice.

Anton was opposed to the hockey riot – after the fact.  But she favours a potential riot at the Art Gallery.  Does Anton think her riot is more necessary than the hockey riot?  After all the Occupy folks – or at least some of them – are saying some things that are substantive.

More likely, her Rob Ford advisors see the demo as another opportunity to knock one out of the park for cranky old guys.

I’m in Toronto right now and it’s interesting to see where this kind of strategic buffoonery takes you.

Ford is despised.  He’s a walking embarrassment to the point where you can’t find anyone who will have admitted to voting for him.

His and now Anton’s advisors have created an electoral monster who tells moms with kids to “fuck off” and calls up 911 because he’s afraid of the comics on This Hour has 22 Minutes.  When the police take their time to turn up – you know, dealing with real crime and all – he tells the “bitches” at 911 “don’t you know I’m the fucking mayor.”

I’m sure they knew after he spoke like that: “oh, of course that can only be Rob Ford.”

Is this where Anton really wants to go?  Of course not and that’s why she hasn’t actually outlined a plan to clear the square.  No, she’s stuck in ‘announcing the grievance’ mode without a real, practical plan to bring the demonstration to an end.

I see Daniel Fontaine, Mike Klassen’s partner in crime, is saying today that Anton is currently in hail mary territory in the Mayor’s race.  But if this is the kind of long lob she’s got up her sleeve, the score could actually get worse for one of the worst NPA slates of all time.

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