Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf…

And who is the wolf, anyways?

Just got this from my good friend Sharon White over at the BC Liberals.   Boy, they seem a little scared by John Cummins.  They even made a website to attack him.  And crazed cabinet minister Mary Polack is calling Cummins unprincipled.

Mary Polack is calling Cummins unprincipled.  The jokes never stop in this province.

From the BC Liberal Party….

We Cant Trust Cummins

Dear Supporter,

Earlier today the BC Liberal Party began an extensive campaign to inform the public about the BC Conservative Party, and their unprincipled leader, John Cummins.

This campaign comes after months of irresponsible attacks from Cummins against Premier Christy Clark, our government and our party.

Cummins’ attacks play into the hands of the NDP.  We have decided enough is enough!

The spokesperson for this campaign is Minister Mary Polak, the Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. Mary points out that Cummins is an unprincipled politician whose positions are all over the map.

Here are some examples of the unprincipled actions of Cummins:

  • he calls himself a conservative, but voted NDP in the last provincial election (even though there was a BCC candidate in his riding)
  • he opposed the increase in the minimum wage while taking a $100,000.00 pension paid for by taxpayers
  • he wants to be a double-dipper – he’s taking a federal pension while running for provincial office
  • Cummins opposed the Pacific Gateway initiative, including the roads and bridges in the Lower Mainland that are essential to our economic growth and to job creation
  • Cummins even attacked Christy for fighting to get BC our fair share of federal ship-building contracts!

These facts and others can be found on the new website appropriately called www.CantTrustCummins.ca. You can hear our new radio ads on the site, and also donate.  Please circulate this link to your family, friends and business associates.

Moving to expose the BCC now is essential in allowing us to make sure the NDP is stopped later. I hope you can take a minute to make a secure online donation of $25, $50, or $100 to keep these ads on the air.



Sharon White

President, BC Liberal Party

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10 Responses to Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf…

  1. Bill says:

    Well Ian, I might just have to make a secure online donation to ensure these attack ads keep on playing. The BC Liberals really look bad and only confirm how useless and pathetic they are. With this campaign they will deservedly just sink deeper as they flounder in more negativity.

    The radio spot I heard on NW (surprise) while driving home from work today was a real hoot. I think they do great harm to an already very troubled party -deservedly so. The ads are over-the-top desperate, conspiratorial and delusional. More of the usual Liberal arrogance.

    Most of BC is totally sick of all their nonsense and clearly on to their corrupt ways. The longer they continue to hammer the other parties with this (just like the annoying Stickman ads) the more they will be confirming how useless they are. I think this can only motivate more people to the obvious conclusion that the liberals need to be taken out with the trash.


  2. Canadian Canary says:

    So, TWO WEEKS after Christy Clark announced no election for another 2 1/2 YEARS, she unleashes an attack ad???

    Do you think anyone in the mainstream media could be bothered to query Ms. Clark about that?

    Is it Clark’s plan to foist a 2 1/2 year election campaign on the public in place of an election anytime soon?

  3. “Cummins even attacked Christy for fighting to get BC our fair share of federal ship-building contracts!……….”

    Campbell, remember him, he didn’t even go to Ottawa with his hands out for our fair share of ship-building contracts for the BC Ferries, an extension of Highway #1. Fact is BC Ferries paid the Federal penalties for building off shore (in Germany) when they could have been built here in British Columbia. And now the ships, overbuilt for the past three years market, sit idle because David Hahn is charging way too much for passengers and cars to ride on them. Mr. Hahn just doesn’t get it, any traffic, is better than deterring all traffic from traveling on BC Ferries.

    As to the BC Liberal Website, too bad they don’t allow comments to be made, and post them for all to see. They would still be able to censor the ones that are downright rude, or off topic, but their website of http://www.CantTrustCummins.ca., with the missing apostrophe in the word “Cant” is defined as “A secret language used by some criminals.” Criminals being the BC Liberals.

    I’m quite sure that if Mr. Cummins wants to respond to the authors of the website, in kind, http://www.CanTrustCummins.ca is still available.

  4. Linda says:

    I found a lot of humor in the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, calling Cummins unprincipled. In over a decade, I have not seen one BC Liberal, demonstrate any ethics or morals what-so-ever. Was it ethical of Campbell to twice lie, to be re-elected for two different elections?

    Christy doesn’t dare call an election, she would most certainly lose. She uses the same dirty tactics Campbell uses. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, just don’t understand…Anything even remotely connected to Campbell, will be shunned and not trusted. The BC ministers and mla’s backed Campbell to the hilt. By them not standing up for their people, against Campbell who’s rate went down to 9%, they don’t have the trust of their citizens. Christy will have to stay a dictator, as Campbell had to do, because, he didn’t have the people behind him. He lied, deceived and cheated the BC citizens, far too many times Christy has done nothing, to clean up Campbell’s mess. Therefore she is no better than he is.

  5. James King says:

    I notice in today’s Times Colonist that even Les Leyne has been moved to comment about these farcical ads.

    Here’s a link for anyone who hasn’t got access to the paper:

    When Les Leyn gets exercised about the BC Liberals it’s time to put a couple of marks on the wall.

  6. RossK says:

    I, for one, do not think that Mr. Leyne actually got to the nut of thing.

    Which is not the ads themselves but, instead, the strategic decision to run them.

    And that decision, in my opinion at least, is no laughing matter.


  7. sue says:

    I’ve certainly made up my mind now. I will never, ever vote Liberal again.

  8. James King says:

    You’re right of course Ross – on the other hand, coming from Les Leyne, even this mild criticism seems somehow worth noting.

  9. Barry E Chilton says:

    What wonderful antics we receive in the news But have we forgotten that the people of British Columbia voted to remove the HST.
    All well and good to bring up more dirt on this Liberal Government But the first job of this government in the first sitting is to complete the orders received by their Boss. (The people of British Columbia)
    The change back to GST/PST with original can be done in less than three weeks.
    It does not require Eighteen months (18) to reinstate the above (we are in High tech world not pen and paper world) it is 2011 not 1950.
    If the HST stays in place for the above period of time, the government will take Six Billion dollars from the people of British columbia having thousands struggling to make ends meet on the staples of life.
    People will be forced to cut back on their spending to stay within budget.
    investing in housing will decrease with the attached decrease in work and material sales.
    May Be the people of British Columbia should allow the MLA’s to sit and then surround the parliament biuldings and not allow the government out until they have passed to order.
    I’m willing to believe that the people of British Columbia are up to the task.

  10. PWLG says:

    I like the part that Cummins is trying to be a double dipper, a federal pension and wanting to be a provincial member of the legislative assembly.

    Gee, perhaps the authors of the BC Liberal-Socred Party propaganda should look no further than their own stable when writing about double dipping.

    Their own former disgraced premier, Gordon Campbell, will be receiving a $108,000/yr provincial government pension while receiving more than $250,000/yr as Canada’s High Commissioner of Dinner Parties in London. Campbell’s chauffeur in London will be receiving $5o,000+ a year salary, his housekeepers and cooks and security personnel will add more than $250,000 to the budget. He will retain a similar budget as he had when he was running the Premier’s Office. No wonder his ‘summer home’ on the Sechelt Peninsula is getting a substantial renovation. Just wonder who is paying for it?

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