Canada a leader in growing income inequality

Here’s a link to the Conference Board’s new short report on Canadian inequality in the international context.  They show that in the 2000s income inequality has increased faster in Canada than the US and we have vaulted into fourth place amongst developed nations.

What they don’t say is that since 2000 BC leads the country in income inequality growth.  Put that in your Progress Board Report and smoke it.

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  1. Linda says:

    Canada is a ripoff country, Mr. Harper. What are you doing about this, besides nothing? When citizens can save up to 50%, by shopping in the U.S. Something is dreadfully wrong.

    BC is certainly regressing. Corruption in BC has been the catalyst for destruction. We are now seeing the anger of the people, cropping up. The School of Justice, is under attack. There have been vehicles set on fire. Homes set ablaze, and even shots fired. A school was set on fire. The Stanley Cup riot. This has been frightful and very scary. The days of feeling safe in your own home, are gone.

    When people have lost everything, and have nothing left to lose….They lose it.

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