HST: two thoughts, one cranky, one bigger than that

Not a great day on the hospital ward but the HST result demands something, doesn’t it?

Premier Christy Clark deserves recognition for mounting an effort to save the HST despite the fact that when she took over as Premier it was an unpopular cause. Caption from Sun editorial and potential NDP campaign poster.


Could Craig James be more blatant?

Somehow a Thursday release morphed into a Friday one, the day of government lost causes.

Do you think he might have been on the phone with the results earlier this week to the Premier’s office and the Premier’s office says right back to him “these are not going out Thursday.  They’ll go out Friday.”

Friday makes it a weekend story of the worst kind, a last weekend of August story, although folks apparently can’t afford to go anywhere in this province that requires the participation of a crown corporation.


I have an alternative politics scenario that is much more complex for the Premier’s decision making around an election date.

For a while I’ve been saying she’s not going this fall, but now I’m not so sure?  Think about this.

If you look across North America right now there are three approaches to taxes:  Tea Party Libertarianism, more traditional Republican/Tory/BC Liberal pro-business taxation that combines tax breaks for business with high rates for average folks, and then liberal tax policy that focuses breaks on average people and favours a progressive overall tax system.

See any similarities?

These are central to BC campaigns and party ID.

The BC Liberals and the NDP fall right onto the last two.  And for a long time, the BC Liberals have held the first group as well.

But no more.  How can the BC Liberals claim to be an anti-tax party ever again?  And while Adrian Dix made a smart move to oppose the HST because of it’s anti-progressive nature, he’ll never sell himself – and neither should he – as a tea party tax libertarian.

But John Cummins can.  It’s his natural flock.

So Clark’s dilemma?  Go now on the calculation that Cummins, over the next few weeks, can’t put together the money and machine to take advantage of his natural electoral constituency.

Or wait and pray he can’t?

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3 Responses to HST: two thoughts, one cranky, one bigger than that

  1. RossK says:

    And here’s the really crazy thing…

    Mr. Cummins can do it in places like….


    After all, all three ridings voted to extinguish and, despite its demos, the FedCon Boss has worked so hard on the politics of Liberal destruction that it’s not too difficult to envision a ProvCon or three ascending there.

    I agree, Ms. Clark will, if at all possible go sooner rather than later to prevent the Marshalling of the Cons.

    And if she does not?

    Well, does that mean she is no longer holding the reins?

    (assuming she ever was, of course)


  2. Rodney Smelser says:

    I just don’t like snap elections. No matter what!

  3. CGHZD says:

    The Conservative party has a natural flock of morons. You don’t have to be stupid to be a Conservative but most Conservatives are really stupid.

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