I wish I had written this…

Drew Westen is a Democrat advisor and author of “The Political Brain”.  His excellent piece on Obama, is the lead op-ed in today’s NY Times.

And now I’m wondering how different things might have been if Hilary had won the primaries.  Pretty different, I’m thinking.


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2 Responses to I wish I had written this…

  1. Norm Farrell says:

    “. . . those who can afford to buy influence are rewriting the rules so they can cut themselves progressively larger slices of the American pie while paying less of their fair share for it.”

    I too was impressed by the New York Times Op-Ed. There are excerpts and a link to the author’s book ‘The Political Brain: The Role Of Emotion in Deciding the Fate Of the Nation’ at my site:


  2. Ian says:

    Norm, thanks for the comment. And during one of my brief moments with the intertubes in the hospital today I caught your excellent posts on the same piece. I would have commented but that’s what I owe the double post on here to.

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