I wish I had written this….

Drew Westen is a Democrat advisor and author of “The Political Brain”.  His excellent piece on Obama, is the lead op-ed in today’s NY Times.

And now I’m wondering how different things might have been if Hilary had won the primaries.  Pretty different, I’m thinking.


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  1. Garth says:


    Just checked out your blog. Tres bien – It is great to see you are up and blogging.


  2. Ron says:

    How do you find all these fascinating articles and analyses? This is a disturbing, but I fear accurate, take on the Obama presidency. As a retired US Air Force officer told me a couple of months ago, ‘the most disappointing this is that the same people who caused the calamity on Wall Street are still running the show.’ Time for a change in the US – a really big change. They need another FDR, and it isn’t Obama.

  3. Dan Schubart says:

    Obama is part of the multi-wing single party power structure in the US. Blackness, as we have seen with Clarence Thomas, does not confer righteousness…and neither does womanhood. Hilary Clinton is more Margaret Thatcher than Gro Bruntland, and I suspect that she would be in pretty much the same situation had she been elected, the difference principally being that she would never have uttered the wonderfully optimistic rhetoric that issued from Obama’s pipes during the election campaingn. I am a great admirer of women as leaders, administrators, legislators, colleagues and whatever, but as long as women such as Christy Clark, Rona Ambrose, and Helena Geurgis come to the fore, it matters little what gender they may be: they are creatures of wealthy interests. There are good women sitting in Parliament, in our legislature, in the US congress, but their voices are as muffled in the course of business and in the press as are the voices of their male colleagues.

  4. Laila says:

    Good find Ian. Mired down with small children and everything that goes with that… I have been remiss in posting elsewhere. Eternally glad to see you posting!!! The Hillary syndrome is what keeps many women from running in politics – you are either labelled a bitch, or a whore. Sad, but most true I think. Show any hint of female attractiveness and you are labelled, show any analytical traits and you are a bitch.

    Creatures of wealthy interest aside, I was a Hilary supporter from day one, not because she was a woman, but because she was where I believed the US needed to go.

    Might I add, we need strong women in office, because we make up more than 1/2 the population, but when such women arrive, they are often reviled. On another note, while I understand where the NDP’s policy on gender/minority representation comes from, I do not agree with it , nor do many credible candidates who would be exempted from candidacy because of gender or who they fall in love with. Sad. As a woman, I would not want to win a riding representation just because I am a woman, but because I was the right person to do so.

    All grouching aside… hehe… I am so happy to see you writing again and please know what hope this gives all of us!

  5. Shane Simpson says:

    Good to see you blogging again my friend. I hope that is a sign of good news from the surgery and more commentary to come. Take care and keep swinging.

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