Soon to be appearing…

It’s been a strange and miserable week on the good planet Earth that deserves much comment and I’m stuck in a hospital bed in Toronto with three incisions in my neck and spine, a swallowing nerve that’s taken it’s ball and gone home and an amazing group of medical miracle workers who’ve got the rest of my back.

And then there’s family and friends, caring and rooting for me.

Could things be better and worse at the same time?

There’s so much to write about – NYC, Rob Ford, debt ceilings, Murdochs, class war, The Book of Mormon –  and so little ability to write.

Frustrating.  But I am getting better every day and will try and pick it up.

First things first, though.  The good wishes have been overwhelming and amazing and I can’t thank everyone enough.  Thank you for this blessing.

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9 Responses to Soon to be appearing…

  1. Norm Farrell says:

    Don’t know if admiring readers are in the category of “family and friends” but I am sure that many others join me in rooting for you. If brave spirit is enough, you will soon be well.

  2. Canadian Canary says:

    Same here Ian, being a reader who has pushed into your circle of supporters whether you know it or not.

    Jeez, there aren’t many people who take such a good photo with tubes up their noses, and still beam! You’re quite something.

  3. Stuart says:

    Ian, it was so good to see you during Jazz Festival. I read you regularly and think of you more. I want you to keep writing and wish you more of the better and much, much less of the worse.

  4. Tim Agg says:

    Just best wishes for getting through this and back to the Coast. Let Margaret Atwood take care of the Fords!

  5. Julie says:

    Hi Ian,

    You don’t know me. However, I check your site every day. I read, always with interest.

    I too, have pushed myself into your circle. I admire your spirit and determination to battle, to not give up. I am doing some serious pulling for you too, along with everyone else

  6. BC Mary says:

    Once again, I say: Bravo, Ian! Bravo, Brave Spirit!

  7. Paul Willcocks says:

    Great photo. Looking forward to the Book of Mormon post, although I think South Park has done the definitive examination.

  8. Michelle says:

    I too read your blog every day and THOROUGHLY enjoy it. You bring excellent insight and analysis to your topics. And I just really enjoy you’re writing. I too am rooting for you and sending good thoughts your way!

  9. Shell says:

    …I hope the other guy looks worse…..

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