Running away from NYC

The NYC pre-cation is over and we’re in Toronto testing, testing, testing as my docs get ready to open up the neck.

As always we did a lot of rushing about to get in as much as possible around the city – mostly, but not entirely around Manhattan.  But on our last day we slowed down, changed hotel locations from downtown to uptown and wandered the park.

Central Park is one of my favourite places on earth.  We hung out on the Sheep Meadows reading and watching Frisbee games, looked for the Dakota on the Upper Westside, wandered past Belvedere Castle and decided to finish up with a run.

Have I ever mentioned that running in Central Park is one of my favourite things to do in one of my favourite places to be?

So late Tuesday night, in the sweltering heat, Paul and I went for a run up and around the Jacquie O Reservoir.  I don’t run outside anymore as the bouncing kills the neck but for this I made an exception – one I’m still feeling two days later.

But here’s the choice; a less sore neck or a really sore neck from sharing the view from the reservoir – of Manhattan and the Dakota and the Chrysler building and Harlem and the Upper East Side and one of the world’s greatest urban experiments… – with thousands of runners and walkers from the world over engrossed in conversations you can only overhear in NYC?   I’ll always go with the really sore neck.

Then we hit the smoothie stand in Columbus Circle and finished with a proper drink in the clubby Ritz Carlton bar, where we watched the air kisses steam up the rococco mirrors while sipping our excellent but over-priced drinks and nibbling cashews.

What a great day.



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8 Responses to Running away from NYC

  1. Suzanne says:

    You had me at “…the Chrysler Building…”

  2. Laila says:

    Ah.. New York, New York…. love it for what it is… unfortunately when I was in New York I had not yet discovered running and I regreat that since it will be a while before I get back . I did however, get to enjoy a lovely evening at Tavern on the Green before it closed and what a spectacular evening that was with a carriage ride around the park. So cliche, but who cares, right? New York, Manhatten, the upper east side, it is what is is and you either love it or hate it. Pastrami on Rye at the Carnegie deli is to die for … and I never say that.

    Here’s hoping Toronto does you well and you come home to us in good shape and spirit.

    Cashews in New York.. how much better does it get?

  3. Norm Farrell says:

    Thanks for this, you deserve the joy.

  4. Canadian Canary says:

    I’ve never been to NYC. Always wanted to. Now I’ve been.

    Never has any description filled me with the sense of having been in that City of Cities as much as this short, rich, aromatic wisp of the place. I’m there, soaking it all up.

    What a great piece, photo and all. Resonates like a glowing ember.

  5. Garth says:

    Ian The Empire State Building is so over rated with the Chrysler building being to often neglected . As for running in NYC, the jazz bands lining the roads through out Harlem, when I was running the marathon, will never be forgotten. Perhaps that is why my time was not up to speed, I stopped to listen. All the best in the next week.

  6. RossK says:

    Ya, but….

    Did you see the Marathon Mannish boy running too?


  7. BC Mary says:


    I was in T.O. the same day, at one of the University Teaching Hospitals. Kept thinking of you … and wishing for the best.

    New York? One time, at another worrying dip in my life, I treated myself to a week at the Metropolitan Opera. Saw/heard Placido Domingo. Leontyne Price. Another time: Carnegie Hall for a Montreal Symphony performance. I’m glad I did that. You’ll be glad you went to your special places too. Strength and joy is there.

    But right now, I’m in Mohawk Territory relishing the green quietness. But still thinking of you … and wishing for the best.

  8. Christine Lattey says:

    Hello to Ian & Paul,
    We are awaiting news of the surgery. Hope, hope, hope it gives you more time in Central Park. I hear Jack Layton is in your hospital – perhaps a visit. Lots of love,
    Christine & Gerry

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