Last Carbon Tax post, I promise…

I believe the Carbon Tax helped make this possible

Why don’t I like BC’s Carbon Tax?

Because I’m not interested in what is, at best, a symbolic advance against carbon emissions that in practical application does little more than hurt middle and low-income families.

I oppose climate change policy instruments designed to split progressives, protect business, underprice real emissions, ensure no meaningful emission reduction and deepen the regressive tax shift that underlies BC’s hidden story of inequality growth over the last decade of BC Liberal rule.

I oppose policies that tactically turn the environmental movement into toadies for anti-environment governments, while delivering next to nothing in return.

Above all I oppose policies like the Carbon Tax that hit ordinary folks first, ironically helping to cement the Fox News picture of environmentalists as latte sipping rich urban Liberals who don’t have a clue how hard it is to get by if you’re an average person these days – in part this is because it’s true.

It’s also the wrong strategy and extremely harmful in the long run.  An environmental movement captured by the elites with policies that hurt the average person is a movement guaranteed to fail on the important issues, like climate change.

From fracking and pipelines to mining, forestry and land protection as well as climate change that’s been the story of BC’s environmental movement since the introduction of the Carbon Tax.  Such a shame after two decades of growth and success.


Nothing more on the Carbon Tax, but I will be writing on BC’s epidemic of inequality and the tax shift from rich to poor that is driving BC’s inequality epidemic.  And the Carbon Tax has a role in that.


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6 Responses to Last Carbon Tax post, I promise…

  1. Julie says:

    The everyday BC person, is just there to be exploited by the BC Liberals. It has been going on, for over ten years now. The Liberals have been thieving from the people to give to big business, using every dirty tactic in the book.

    Campbell thieved the people’s BCR and sold it. Irregardless his election lie, the BCR wasn’t for sale. Campbell also thieved our rivers and sold them too. Has everyone seen the photo’s of the eco damage, the run of the rivers is doing?

    Campbell’s other election lie, the HST wasn’t on his and Hansen’s radar. Throw in, the small provincial deficit. Harper, Campbell and Hansen colluded on the HST, long before the BC election. Hansen was caught in a lie, and finally had to admit it.

    The HST was designed for big business and big business only. Just another tax grab, to give to the wealthy. The carbon tax, is just another tax grab too.

    As far as the environment, the giant corporations could care less, greed comes first. Scientists have found acid right to the shores of BC. They had thought the acid, was way out in the deep. The acid is eating the shell’s off crustaceans. The coral reefs are turning brown. This is a serious wake-up call, our oceans are dying, they have absorbed all of the carbon monoxide they can take. Do the giant wealthy gas and oil corporations give a damn? Hell no!!!

    Harper and Campbell worked hand in hand, when China bought a huge chunk of the Alberta dirty tar sands. Harper and Campbell are going to force the Enbridge pipeline, and the dirty oil tankers from China and the U.S. into our beautiful coastal waters. There was another terrible pipeline burst, in a U.S. river, AGAIN!!! However, Harper and Campbell are just the pair of idiots, that will try and force it through too. I am afraid, there may be deadly civil disobedience over this one.

    Thousands of BC people are supporting the First Nations people. Never have I seen, such an angry province as BC in my life.

  2. Rod Smelser says:

    Another good statement on the topic of the carbon tax. Personally I think the carbon tax and the HST are designed to shift the tax burden from upper to middle incomes groups, with the lowest income groups coming out even after various tax credits, or as the auto industry calls them, “cash backs”.

    That almost the entire UBC and SFU Economics Departments support both policies begs a question. Is it the policy to which they are attracted or the party?

  3. Ron says:

    Excellent post, Ian. You nailed it as usual.

  4. Michael says:

    I wonder how well the enviro’s are sleeping at night for their very successful efforts to re-elect the BC Liberals during the last election. So many important and immediate environmental issues not being attended to, and bad decisions being made all the time by this BC Liberal government. And the enviro’s are largely to blame.

  5. John says:

    Right on

  6. islandcynic says:

    Wall street speculators contribute to the high cost of gas at the pumps. Do we really cut down on use of fuel? Or do we cut costs elsewhere, entertainment, clothing or groceries instead? The carbon tax shows how useless the Green vote is. It was supported politically merely for the idea and whether it was successful doesn’t seem to matter. We can only hope that the Green party and other enviros actually look at this and acknowledge that it failed to do anything to fix the emissions levels in BC.
    Target taxes are a failure. The public are aware of pollution and just give us other options in the marketplace that is affordable, then you will see the gas engine car gone.

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