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Anton's special guest prior to election fever: As seen on Alex Tsakumis' site

Is Suzanne Anton crazy?  I don’t know for sure but her recent email to NPA supporters seems to lean that way as she beats the drum of riots and violence in order to further her weak political ambitions.

Anton’s email reads less like a campaign note and more like one of those crazy screeds from the Unibomber, full of paranoid rants and visions of a burning city gone to hell.

“A riot exploded on the streets of Vancouver.”  “Dozens of shops were destroyed.” “Livelihoods were turned upside down.”

Slow down Councillor!   Yes, a riot broke out when too many drunks – many of them young, middle class males from out of town – stoked on beer and testosterone went on a rampage.

Windows were broken, some cars burned and the city was left with a nasty black eye. It was a sports riot like we’ve seen in many cities across North America and Europe.

The riot was stupid.  It was ugly.  It was also a bit ridiculous.  But it wasn’t the end of the city Anton as portrays.

There are many lessons to learn from this riot; number one being that Vancouver is like a lot of other North American cities, prone to unnecessary violence when drunk men and women gather in large numbers around sporting events.

But Anton doesn’t seem very interested in what really happened as she makes charge after charge that rarely make sense.

Anton compares the playoffs to the Olympics and complains that unlike the Olympics Council never got the chance to see the plan for the playoffs, forgetting that the police had six years to plan for the Olympics but only about six weeks to plan for the play-offs.

She complains that the Chair of the Police Board – the Mayor – didn’t know the number of officers that were deployed on the night of the riot.  But the Mayor and Police Board shouldn’t know those numbers because, by law, they aren’t involved in the VPD’s operations.

She claims the police didn’t follow the recommendations from a report into the ’94 playoff riot, a claim that has already been discredited by the Police Commissioner.

After running through those charges Anton complains that the Mayor didn’t give her solution the time of day.  Her solution is a city-initiated inquiry into the riots.

It’s as if Anton hasn’t read a newspaper for the past two weeks.  Or maybe she has a riot-induced case of amnesia.

Because there already is a inquiry into the riots, initiated the day after by the Province and the City and co-chaired by John Furlong and Doug Keefe, the former deputy justice minister in Nova Scotia.

That’s the best Anton can do?   Another inquiry that duplicates the work  – and the cost – of the current inquiry?

Even as a piece of political gamesmanship that’s pretty lame

But then, when you think about it, lame is the word for Anton’s time on Council.


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2 Responses to Stir it up

  1. North Van's Grumps says:

    In my humble opinion the drinking “problem” wasn’t so much fueled by early drinking throughout the day in the bars and pub……didn’t help either, but the riot fueled mob broke into liquor stores that were closed by the police, and the mob cleaned the shelves of their liquor content…. which was then consumed by the mob…. rioters immediately.

    Don’t believe me? Here:

    Liquor stores were being broken into, and numerous fires were set in downtown Vancouver and police released tear gas to disperse the crowds.” – By Paula Carlson – Surrey North Delta Leader Published: June 15, 2011 8:00 PM

    Very little is being reported by the news media and politicians now…..(except for the report above, an hour after the game was over).

    To lay the blame and say the mob brought the liquor with them, forget it.

    I was down there between 1:30 and 3:30. The security was tight going into the Fan centre at CBC, the guards were checking back packs, but no one was being checked outside the fenced area.

    But really, why take liquor, when it was already there, a stone’s throw away from thieving.

  2. Rod Smelser says:

    I expect Anton to get considerable support from Charlie Smith and the Georgia Straight. They backed Sullivan in 2005.

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