Christy Clark afraid of Adrian Dix

So afraid she refuses to debate him on the HST.  And I understand Clark’s fear after hearing Dix on CKNW this morning.  The truth is Christy Clark should be afraid of Dix.  From what I’ve heard he’ll demolish her in any debate.

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  1. I have never listened to the Bill Good show, but in this case I would an exception. However, I read again that Christy won’t do public debates…the same Christy that refused to public forums during the by-election. I’m not sure what station it was but yesterday I caught Christy answering a question on the riot review….and her answers repeatedly included “I”, “We”, “I’m” and of course once her brain kicked in those “we” & “I” were replaced with “ummmm”…… “hahhh”….. two of her favourite words if you can call them that. In short I was embarrassed to realize that she is leading our Province. And while she preaches things like Town Hall meetings & wanting to engage the public (with the help of Pam & her $130,000 no job description Director of Outreach)… appears to me that it’s all about Christy…. she comes first, her friends second, business third and Families LAST.

  2. Gloria says:

    They said, Christy made a total fool of herself , when she met with Harper regarding the ship building contract. That she had not a clue what she was talking about, and had all the facts wrong.

    So no, of course Christy can’t have a debate with Dix. She knows she would get slaughtered. On her radio show all her calls were screened, or callers with questions she couldn’t answer, would be cut off for a commercial break. She didn’t have to answer difficult questions then. She can’t afford to answer any difficult questions now either. However, Campbell left the country when the Legislature was in, and left all his dirty work to Hansen to answer. How did Hansen cope? He didn’t, he couldn’t answer one straight question. All he could do, was play silly little juvenile games. De Jong was just as bad. The BC Legislature is useless, the building should be sold.

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