Not your mother’s brand of anarchist

“Water polo player suspended, accused of rioting in Vancouver”

CP headline, June 18, 211

I heard Mike Smyth get all class “warfare”ish on the radio the day after riot.  Channeling Bruce Allen and Don Cherry he claimed there was a political agenda afoot… “Did you see the cars they went after?  High end.”

So they’ve got the first anarchist…  the son of a Mission doctor… star of the water polo team…  attends an elite private school called Meadowridge Academy.

Maybe, the kid was channeling Malcolm MacDowell in the great “IF“.  Or maybe he was just a drunk jock, charged up on playoff hockey, in from the ‘burbs to wreak havoc.

Whatever… They made anarchists different in my day…  Do you think it might have been Mike Smyth who had the political agenda?

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  1. Re 2011 Van riots: Bob Whitelaw, independent investigator of the 1994 Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver is incredulous his exhaustive recommendations and warnings were ignored by Vancouver Police Dept.


    “Once the incidents began to start, the police, in my opinion, many of them just stood to the side waiting for the next order.”


    One month before the Van. 2011 riots, Bob Whitelaw told The Sun in an interview he was concerned about a repeat of the 1994 riot.


    In other words, POLICE expectations of a uniformly violent group acted as a self-fulfilling prophecy because of the effect of their subsequent strategy and tactics on fans’ social identity.,_C.J.,_Adang,_O.M.,_Livingstone,_A.,_%26_Schreiber,_M._(.pdf
    This link may not hot link so copy and paste it instead:

    A Quantitative Study of Public Order, Policing and Crowd Psychology

    Additionally, in the attempts to control incidents of football crowd disorder, laws have been created that arguably undermine fundamental civil liberties and human rights.


    The wrong questions will inevitably get asked in the wake of all this, and the wrong solutions applied.

    Expect “tougher policing”, and a ramped up culture of intolerance in a city that already turns a blind-eye to a tsunami of social ills.


    An investigator who examined the 1994 riots in Vancouver says key recommendations went unheeded by local police. Bob Whitelaw told CTV News that many of the 100 recommendations he helped draft were blatantly disregarded.

    Those suggestions include a no-parking zone in the downtown core, something that could have prevented frustrated people from taking their aggression out on parked cars. Whitelaw also recommended that fans should have been quickly dispersed and reminded they have to get out of the downtown zone.

    “The police, in many ways, as they did in ’94, seemed to be standing around, not taking any pro-action,” he said.

    As we all know there are several questions that need to be answered.

    1) What was the budget for policing for the Game 7?

    2) Why were police not checking Skytrain riders as they got off the trains for booze, weapons and other contraband (see Fireworks for details)

    3) Why did it take hours to call for reinforcements from outside police forces?

    4) Why were off duty officers NOT called in as reinforcements BEFORE the event?

    5) Why were the fences and access points opened to allow even more people into the area?

    6) Why did it take so long to respond to the violence and looting on Granville Street?

    7) Where were the Skytrain/Transit Police during the day when open drinking onboard the trains by many was taking place?

    8) Why was the Bearcat APC – VPD Riot Vehicle not ready to be deployed and/or used?

    9) Why was there no initial support for the VFRS to get their vehicles in to put the fires out?

    10) Why was the ERT team seemingly overwhelmed in 2 different locations?

    11) Finally…… WHO planned this mess and what was the rationale for cheaping out?

    Just a few questions that NEED to be answered?

    Perhaps Hizzoner and Ms. Ballem would like to step up and answer some of these questions in a credible manner!

  2. Garth says:


    I wonder who pays for all the cost associated with the extra policing for an event like this one. The charitable group I am associated with is charged with funding for our policing needs. We sut down roads, divert traffic, not unlike what occured in Vancouver, The difference, I wonder is who paid. The Canucks, CBC ? Granted neither of those two entities organized the extreme events that arose on Wednesday night, it is arguable that their initiatives did present the need for additional policing.

  3. Paul Willcocks says:

    A bit late in commenting, but ‘If’ was an amazing movie, on my top 10 list for sure. McDowell was brilliant, direction superb and some great music.

  4. Rod Smelser says:

    Kotylak lives in Maple Ridge, not Mission, but really, who’s counting? The basic idea is to blame the riots on second class people from the third rate “burbs”, the “bridge and tunnel people”. It doesn’t really matter which of several suburbs or exurbs the person comes from. It only matters that they are non-residents of the City of Vancouver.

    Over 100 people were arrested. VPD commentary has assured people that “most” or the “vast majority” of people who were causing trouble were from outside Vancouver, from either the Fraser Valley or the Interior, or the Island, or the North, or even Seattle or Portland, anywhere but Vancouver. Yet fewer than a dozen have been charged and named, along with their addresses. And all of those, of course, were from outside the City proper. What are the addresses of the other 100 plus people arrested?

    Leo Knight and his PrimeTimeCrime blog/twitter presence have been on hand to help amplify the message that it’s the out of town losers who did the damage.

    I agree that the Meadowridge School could be described as elite. They charge $14,500 per year for Grades 1-12. However, it’s worth noting that St George’s in Vancouver does not publish their fees. After all, like the houses in that area, if you have to ask …

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