The Liars Club

The great Minitrue in the sky cracked a big smile when the Vancouver Sun joined the Liars Club yesterday, to stand side by side with Christy Clark Liberals.

What else can you say when you open the Sun to an editorial that urges citizens to vote to retain the HST and headlines it “A Chance to Vote for Lower Taxes”.

Does the Sun editorial make a single argument backing that claim?


Because there isn’t one.

A vote for the HST is a vote to raise taxes.  It’s a vote to raise consumption taxes, the least fair taxes, in order to give business a $2 billion break.

Here’s the truth.  A 10% HST with all the tweets and twits Christy Clark and the BC Liberals promise still generates hundreds of millions more dollars than the old GST/PST combo.

The Report of the Independent Panel makes it very clear why that’s the case.

As they note, under the HST: “17 per cent of your spending has an extra seven per cent sales tax, 29 per cent of your spending is subject to the same total sales taxes as before.”

Or to put it another way under the HST more than a third of the average BC consumer‘s taxable spending costs more because of the HST tax increase.

That’s where the magic money comes from:  more things are taxed and more things are taxed more.

Clark’s new tweets don’t change that basic math.

My advice?

When you read or hear someone, especially someone in lockstep with the BC Liberals, tell you a no vote is a vote against higher taxes – like the Sun editors or the BC Business Council or the Board of Trade – stick that on top of the big pile of lies that is the BC Liberal record on the HST.

And never trust them again.


Too Funny Update: Did you see the Sun’s front page headline today?  “Noble in defeat”.

Do you think it’s a bad idea to be writing headlines before the news happens?



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4 Responses to The Liars Club

  1. Ian Bateson says:

    Good post Ian, and of course we mustn’t forget the promise, as seen on one the governments many expensive TV ads recently, where every working family will receive a $130 rebate after 12 months to offset this deathly tax. Thanks a lot Christy Crunch.

    As to never trusting them again, lets hope enough remember at the next election that this is just another of their many lies, blunders and increasing largesse to big business when it comes to major financial issues effecting the average citizen and families.

  2. tf says:

    Yes, the Vancouver Sun is definitely in the pocket of the pro-HST crowd.

    One might almost think they’re getting paid out of the “promote the HST budget” ~

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  4. Linda says:

    Good grief!!! After over ten years of BC Liberal lies, how could the people ever believe the BC Liberals again? Didn’t Campbell’s theft and sale of the BCR, make people open their eyes. Christy, her ex and her brother were implicated in that crime too.

    What is wrong with Christy Clark, she is demented, frantic and rabid to force this totally unfair asinine HST, on her own people. I thought Campbell and Hansen, needed a mental evaluation, they have nothing on Christy. Her tactics are as dirty and evil as Campbell and Hansen’s.

    This province is a cesspool of corruption. The BC Liberals, fouled and dirtied, absolutely everything in BC, and the people can’t smell that? Even people in other country’s can smell them. This province, is the laughing stock of the world.

    In fact, this entire country has lost the respect of every country, on the globe. Canada is no longer the good country, we used to be, because of our idiot politicians.

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