Fake neutrality: Selling the HST

I’m on my way to Toronto to see the new docs Monday.  We can use the first class lounge as the husband flies so much he has one of those cards that does that.

I don’t drink in the morning.  I don’t drink after chemo so the lounge in the morning means free yoghurt and granola plus a banana and the papers but I’m very okay with that.

And I get to hang with the business types talking a little too loudly on their cells, but damnit this morning I’m surrounded by them, in particular a woman and a guy wandering around the chair pods describing in minute detail some meeting last night.  Can’t concentrate on the paper, might as well listen.

So I concentrate on the woman who’s describing a meeting.  An HST meeting.  No, she organized the meeting.  She’s in fact surrounded by the team that organized the meeting. It’s the government’s team of consultants working on the HST.

The HST team is flying first class.  This project is well funded by the people of BC.  I pick out Sam Corea who used to work at Vanoc and ICBC. There’s four more I think.

Back to the meeting:  “we got our folks out… there were a couple NDP.”  The Senator gave him shit, went up one side…”  Nancy Green Raine was in Kamploops to give VZ shit.

Listening for ten minutes I take away this impression:  Behind the “You decide” branding is a different, highly political strategy.  The real strategy is motivate our side, set up attacks on their side.  Key attendees are recruited to serve that strategy and they guide the conversation not the neutral meeting faces.

The meeting organizers talk about “our” side and “their” side and most attendees appear to be heavily recruited from lists used like I would use an election list, focusing on their persuadables.  Maybe I’m wrong but this group sure talked that way.

Hugs and kisses.  One guy’s flying off to Toronto for a meeting.  I pass him in First Class as I hustle back to coach.  A nice well funded gig with the objective of moving the votes, that can be moved.   The stick men aren’t telling us that.

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  1. islandcynic says:

    Ahhhh, sehr interassant!

    The HST is/was never about what is good for the people of BC. It is now all about Libs winning and trying to hold on to credibility, which, IMHO they lost long ago.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the biggest animal Polarization is growing leaps and bounds and is happy there but showing signs of threat to the owners. They might be eaten as well it they’re not careful!

  2. islandcynic says:

    O00ps….if they’re not careful!

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  4. trevor says:

    Oh my, is there no way for the ruling class to travel from city to city without the risk of exposure to the common man? Where can they truly be free?!?!

  5. ron wilton says:

    Kinda’ makes you wonder what the real agenda is.

    Too bad Nancy doesn’t care enough about BC to spill the beans on these assassins.

    I guess behind the mask she’s just another puppet.

  6. James King says:

    Nancy! Christ Ron, she’s been up to her ass in corporate BC Liberal and Socred payola since before she could slalom.

    How do you think she and her hubby Al managed to finesse their way into all the leases for their skiing operations? Not only that, she accepted a seat in the Senate from Pee Wee about a year ago.

    Nancy’s not just a puppet – she’s one of the puppeteers.

  7. PG says:

    Great post Ian. I love the inside backroom strategy of you hearing the HST team. I hope that the FOIs and letters are being forwarded to the HST office and BC Government to find out what the HST team need to do in Toronto and how many people are on the HST spin payroll.

    The HST boondoggle has cost millions of needless government spending. I wish someone could tally the cost of this huge waste of taxpayer dollars given the inept handling of the entire HST implementation by the BC Liberals. From advertising, an HST office, townhall meetings, websites, an HST flyer that wasn’t used, bureaucrat salaries, staff severance, polling, etc… .

    While the HST vote will be close, the real issue is why the people of BC would reward this gang with another 4 years based on this single boondoggle?

  8. Wally Martin says:

    I sent this to Elections BC

    Chief Electoral Officer of BC
    I had a phone call a few minute ago from a young man in Ontario and he said he was employed by a firm called Campaign Research (he confirmed that Campaign Research was his employer) http://www.campaignresearch.ca/our-team/

    He said the following to me:

    – He asked me if I was for or against the HST in the upcoming referendum
    – He said Campaign Research has been hired by The Smart Tax Alliance to collect information in BC about voter opinions on the HST
    – He confirmed that the team members on the web site http://www.campaignresearch.ca/our-team were his supervisors.

    It is noteworthy that Richard Ciano, CMRP – Principal of Campaign Research is also the National Vice President of the Conservative Party of Canada

    This raises interesting questions.

    Is the Conservative Party of Canada being financially rewarded by BC taxpayers to do research for the Smart Tax Alliance?

    How much money is being paid by The Smart Tax Alliance to Campaign Research?

    How much money is Smart Tax Alliance receiving from the BC government?

    Will the information being collected by Smart Tax Alliance be shared immediately with the “YES” side
    It should be shared if it is being paid for with money from BC taxpayers.

    Is it possible that this is a violation of the referendum rules?

    The federal government said it is a BC decision.

    Why is The Federal Conservative Party involved in this?

    Wally Martin
    604 533 5569

  9. Gloria says:

    The BC Liberals have never followed any rules or laws, that i can think of.

    The BC Liberal party and the BC Conservative party, are one and the same. We have two Conservative party’s in BC. Campbell works for Harper, they have a very close relationship. Christy has a Conservative strategist working for her.

    Christy’s families first blatant lie, is disgusting. Christy only cares about Christy. The HST is the worst thing that has ever hit families, low income families, individual minimum wage workers, blue collar families and seniors.

    The HST was designed for big business, and big business only. Campbell, Hansen and Harper colluded on the HST, long before the May election.

    Christy is a Campbell clone in a skirt. She lies, deceives and cheats, exactly like Campbell, Harper and Hansen. The BC Liberal party, has the highest number of low life’s, that i can ever remember, in all of my many years. To lie is first nature, to the BC Liberals. Selling the HST on fake neutrality is b.s. We know it, and so do the BC Liberals. The BCR wasn’t for sale either.

  10. arf says:

    Good work Mr. Reid and best wishes for good news from the Eastern doctors.
    It would be a surprise to be hearing anything but the type of thing you overheard from the “spinners” that call themselves “smart”. Harper and Campbell(now wearing a dress) had this thing planned way back and going on the success of lying about selling BC Rail decided that just after the election would be the easy way to slide it through. Lets show them at referendum time and at election time what we really think. And strangely enough I own a couple of businesses. Not global enought to see any good from the HST though, just inflation and job losses.

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