Worst interview, ever

Marcella Munro sent me the link to Stephen Quin’s interview with newly minted NPA mayoral candidate by acclamation Suzanne Anton.

Good thing she doesn’t have to convince NPA members, wherever they are.

The campaign hasn’t even started and the NPA is looking like a train wreck. Shouldn’t a mayor be able to answer a question?

Plus, it’s too early for the pity vote.

Listen over at CBC’s On the Coast

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One Response to Worst interview, ever

  1. spartikus says:

    Heh. Listening to that it looks like the whole “Gregor never said street homelessness” thing comes from the top. I don’t know what they’re thinking as even a cursory look through Canadian Newstand, CBCA and even Youtube reveals it was mentioned prior to the 2008 election.

    But I’m just some schmuck on the internet and she’s, you know, running for Mayor.

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