Up, up and…. oh dear…

Just back from a roadtrip with the middle child.  And I missed something big this week – Suzanne Anton’s jump off the civic cliff.

Base jumping without a parachute.  That takes guts.

But, who knows?  Maybe she’ll change her mind tomorrow.

In the meantime a few months ago Rod Mickleburgh revealed the Anton campaign strategy – call it the Nurse Jackie model:

“NPA councillor Suzanne Anton continues to have trouble with her one-person caucus at Vancouver city hall. You may remember Ms. Anton voted in favour of separate bike lanes on Hornby Street. That quickly prompted a caucus revolt, however, when work on the lanes actually started the next morning, and Ms. Anton tried to have her vote changed.

“Now, that feisty Anton caucus is quarrelling again. Moments after the lone NPA representative on city council supported Mayor Gregor Robertson’s motion that dealt a death blow to the proposed big gambling hall right next to BC Place, Ms. Anton was out with a press release criticizing the mayor for “voting against casino expansion” and jeopardizing a billion dollars worth of economic activity. Hello?

Ms. Anton is an accomplished veteran of Vancouver’s municipal wars, and it’s not easy being the single Non-Partisan on council. So I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for siding with the mayor, then blasting him with your next breath for the same motion you just voted for. I just can’t imagine what that explanation would be.”

I loved Mike Klassen’s fullsome endorsment of the Anton strategy.  “In and ideal world”, Klassen said, “that wouldn’t have happened.”

Does he mean her candidacy, her votes or both?


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