Christy Clark, cheater?

Laila Yule has the scoop.  Clark delivered lunches – and a photo op – to her poll scrutineers Wednesday.  Here’s the relevant Election Act section:  “(3) Other than for the purpose of voting, a candidate must not be present while voting proceedings are being conducted”.

Update –  Elections BC’s guide to the election Act says this about campaigning in front of the polling station:
“During a campaign period, there is a 100-metre no-campaigning zone around the building where the office of the District Electoral Officer (DEO) is located. Within this zone, no one may post, display or distribute: election advertising, any material that identifies a candidate, registered political party or registered constituency association, unless it is with the authorization of the DEO”.

Methinks she’s on the edge, legally.  That means Craig James will allow it.

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  1. Dave says:

    Doesn’t matter at what level of government, when it comes to voters approaching a voting area, there can’t be any advertising permitted. With Christy Clark standing at the gates to the voting area she has violated the voting regulations and should step down immediately.

    If any other candidate were caught doing what the Christy Clark has done, there would be hell to pay.

    What could be done is the disqualification of all ballots from the building in which Christy Clark was standing……. lol……..

  2. Linda says:

    Campbell lied, deceived, thieved, used dirty tactics, and cheated to win. Out and out blatant lies, thieving and selling our BCR and our rivers. Lying about the HST. The courts are corrupt, judges are corrupt. Police are corrupt, also Elections BC. Trust the vote count? Not on your Nelly. All government documents, must be signed in ink. The Federal ballots were also in pencil. The Americans say, Harper’s win was rigged, these words were theirs, not mine.

    There is nothing in this province, that isn’t corrupt. The terrible damage Campbell has done to this province and the people. Look at how hard it was to get rid of that monster. And, we don’t forget that, Christy and all of the BC Liberals backed that monster of a Campbell to the hilt.

    Now Christy and Falcon, are putting out stick man ad figures, trying to point out the benefits of the HST. What good paying jobs for BC people? We are still bleeding jobs.

    The mills are now going into automation. My neighbor across the street, has been cut to weekends at the mill he works at. When the automation is fully underway, he will be laid off. He has a wife and three children. There will be many mill workers laid off, again. Our raw logs go to China, we don’t even get the processing work. We will see what good paying jobs the HST has to offer the laid off mill workers.

    As to the money we were to save, by the merits of the HST. Our cost of living has gone sky high. I just got a call, my house insurance, has gone up $140.00 higher. Food costs have gone up 10%. Lord help us when the hydro goes up 53% more.

    Gasoline prices are asinine. I find a lot of humor in, Harper is going to give these giant gas corporations, a tongue lashing. Harper gives millions of our tax dollars to them. Jack Layton mentioned that fact in the debate. Harper just gave all of the wealthy corporations, another tax reduction. What a farce.

    Now the daily agenda’s of the P.M. and the mla’s, can be hidden from the public and the people. Fascism and dictatorship anyone?

  3. Robbie says:

    This is proof positive that Christy Clark is out to lunch regarding EBC protocol.

  4. RossK says:

    “Methinks she’s on the edge, legally. That means Craig James will allow it….

    Apparently, he already has.

    Allowed it I mean – details at Laila’s updated post.

    Interesting how this story is breaking almost entirely in the Bloggodome with a whisper assist over at TheTyee after a commenter started things moving… So, given that this is Friday, will the proMedia get off their duffs and cover it? ….Of course, much of the Lotuslandian proMedia is actually complicit in this blatant bit of egregious polling day electioneering, so there may be other reasons why they will choose to try and push it out to see with a collective barge pole.

    Meanwhile, it would appear that Elections-BC is even trying to keep us from knowing known knowns that some in the know may not want us to, uhhhhhh….. know.

  5. Gloria says:

    I would bet if that were Eby having a photo shoot, out side of the election hall doors. Elections BC would have given a totally different opinion.

    I think I remember, Craig James was a personal friend of Campbell’s. That’s why Campbell gave him the position in Elections BC. Craig James pulled a dirty, of changing the words of the recall, after the fact. James was to stall the recall from starting on time. James even sent out letters, threatening people, who inadvertently signed the HST petition twice, with a $10,000 fine. Oh yes, I remember that creep. An eighty year old lady, was terrorized.

    Campbell was paid big bucks, by big business, to fight and keep the HST. Every dirty tactic in the book, was used by Campbell. Hochstein even bragged, he had two trillion dollars to give Campbell to fight with. I never heard, how much money Hochstein paid Campbell.

    So then, of course Elections BC, would favor Christy, it isn’t beneath Craig James dignity, to do the nasty. Did I read the scam was, Christy wasn’t even the person who went and bought the lunch?

    Good old corrupt BC. No wonder this province, is the most corrupt in all of Canada.

  6. Burgess says:

    Who tipped off the media?

  7. RossK says:

    Burgess – exactly.

    And what, specifically, were they told?


  8. islandcynic says:

    Ross….re:And what, specifically, were they told?

    Does it matter? The media is at the beck and call of Christy Clark and the Liberals. They don’t have to tell them anything, just give orders.

    The appearance of added polls as the counting had begun is the most disturbing issue. Where did they all come from? Why were there more than the last election? Were they from seniors homes or hospitals? Were they scrutineered? Why can’t they be analysed by anyone until September?

  9. BC Mary says:

    Hey, Ian:

    I walk with you. Please know that.

    And please keep The Cow forever. I love that image. She is us.

    Love ya.

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