Rewarding failure

Here’s a tip for Christy Clark.  You want to cut government waste?  Why not check out the outrageous sums your government is paying Kevin Falcon’s campaign manager to screw up public relations.

And why not start by digging into the Pace Group’s contract with BC PavCo to provide “a public engagement strategy surrounding the renovations and changes that will take place at the iconic [BC Place] stadium.”

Fresh off its success with the 100% over budget convention centre, in 2008 PavCo hired Pace, the Liberal campaign firm, to handle public relations for the BC Place project.  Besides spin, Pace provided…  well, who knows what they did that wasn’t spin.

But according to the Pace website it did include public engagement, which was rumoured to have taken place one night last winter in a back alley in the downtown eastside.  After several rounds of drinks at the Edgewater all three attendees were reported to be wildly in favour of everything PavCo ever wanted to do.  The rest is history.

Pace’s guys on the job include Liberal campaigner and former PABster Jordan Humphries and Kevin Falcon’s media relations guy Trevor Pancoust.   For their awesome services, which have had such great effect PavCo has shoveled what I guess is somewhere around $800,000 off the back of the truck: $128,000 in 2008/09, $313,000 in 2009/10 and I’d bet is about $400,000 in the current year.

The success of their campaign is evident for all to see.   Where’s that wastebusters website when you need it?

* Note to the Vancouver Art Gallery:  see above

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