My apologies, and read AGT’s blog today

The apology is for the sporadic posts.  The news on the health front has not been good and the posts may get even more infrequent.

But there’s so much to write on – corrupt casino deals, corrupt court deals, corrupt corruption investigations – see Alex Tsakumis’ blog today – and corrupt media reporting.  And I’m going to try to keep up with some of it.

First things first though.  Tsakumis leaks the partial transcript of an RCMP wiretap from the Basi Virk case.  In that transcript Kelly Reichart, the head of the BC Liberal party, offers Basi a bribe in exchange for a favour for a Liberal donor.  Pay for play it’s called and it breaks so many laws.

So why did the RCMP not investigate this?  A good question for the head of the investigation, Inspector Kevin Debruckyere, Kelly Reichart’s brother-in-law.

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10 Responses to My apologies, and read AGT’s blog today

  1. Grant G says:

    Mr. Reid…Seeing is believing…..Please read this in it`s entirety…Stage 4 cancer cured…

    Google it up…UCLA has done a study that confirms these results…

    Kemo and radiation beat up the body and don`t extend life…

    Minced raw garlic and habaneros peppers on whole bread with butter..NO MARGARINE of any sort…

    My dad is pain free and feeling better after but a few meals…

    Lastly, the Medical system doesn`t make any money on these cures…MS cures in Hungary…Sleep Aptnea wasn`t even diagnosed until the mid 80s…

    Enjoy the read Mr. Reid.

  2. I’ve been wondering lately about the amount of articles you’ve been researching. Do take care of yourself. Our health is always number 1.

    Guy in Victoria

  3. Angrygranny says:

    No apology needed. I can only imagine how many hours of work, all of the research takes. I get tired, just thinking about it You do good work, that is appreciated.

    I know Alex works far too hard, and ended up with the flu and probably exhaustion. We appreciate the excellent work Alex has done, to bring us the truth of the BCR scam. However, R and R is also important. We need you people to carry on, for the BC citizens.

    It seems the rats nest, of the BC Liberals creation, is going to take a lot of unraveling. The corruption within this province, really sickens a person.

  4. BC Mary says:


    I just want to send good wishes for your health and wellbeing. Your blog is a treasure and of course we miss your postings when you’re occupied elsewhere … but health comes first. I think we all understand that, and support whatever you must do to be well.

  5. Ole Nielson says:

    What BC Mary said…

  6. Norm Farrell says:

    The news is not a delight but is appreciated by those of us who enjoy the always worthwhile contributions here. You already proved that tenacity is your great strength and the more of that you focus in the days ahead, the more certain it is that good luck will follow.

  7. George says:

    very sorry to hear that you are having health issues… you are in my thoughts and prayers

  8. Evan Lloyd says:

    Wishing you the best Ian – this is prime time for BC politics and your perspective is appreciated. Regards to you and yours.

  9. Ian says:

    Evan, I greatly appreciate hearing from you. I hope Montreal is treating you well.

  10. Kevin Logan says:

    A tip of the hat to Mr Lloyd, and I do hope things are improving for you Ian.


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