More anti-green slime from the NPA/CityCaucus

There’s nothing the folks over at CityCaucus hate more than environmental do-gooders, especially do-gooders with US links.

And there’s nothing they like better than hypocrisy, their own being top of the list.

Up on the NPA affiliated website today you’ll find another screed attacking the Tides Foundation for their filthy rotten attempts at funding environmentally friendly projects in Vancouver.  There’s something nasty about this because the project may involve the city, CityCaucus hints in the darkest of whispers….

“It turns out that one Seattle-based organization, the Bullitt Foundation, is providing goodly sums of cash that may have gone to a City of Vancouver initiative – to become the world’s greenest city – by giving it to Tides Canada…”

How do they know this is bad?  Because Tides won’t return their email, telling them who is getting the money.  So CityCaucus speculates, wildly:  “Tides Canada has been asked by e-mail about how the $50,000 from the Bullitt Foundation was spent. Did it go to Vision Vancouver or to the Greenest City Action Team (GCAT)? So far, no reply”.

It might help if CityCaucus learned how to use Google.  I know a four year old who could teach them and comes cheap.

Turns out Tides Canada issued a press release on January 17th about the idea.  They’re working with that other agent of darkness, the Vancouver Foundation as well as the City of Vancouver to explore the possibility of setting up a fund to build “a partnership of businesses, local non-profits, individual and institutional philanthropists and local government” to  “support new models of green innovation that can bolster our economy, address social inequities and improve our environment.”

The Bullitt Foundation provided $50,000 to Tides to assess the viability of the fund.

Turns out as well, that this isn’t the first example of this kind of partnership approach.

In 2007 the NPA council passed a motion to set up – on the advice of Ken Dobell – the Vancouver Homelessness Foundation and provide the foundation with 12 city owned housing sites across Vancouver.  Dobell landed on the foundation model because it could partner with other governments and the private sector to fund the housing units that were supposed to be built on the sites.

The plan could have used a feasibility study like the one Tides is doing because the private dough never turned up as Dobell planned.  But an American hire got a good short term gig heading up the Foundation at $210,000 a year.

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5 Responses to More anti-green slime from the NPA/CityCaucus

  1. North Van's Grumps says:
    NPA charges ahead on plan for homeless
    By Charlie Smith, March 15, 2007 Straight

    Ken Dobell AND Don Fairbairn

    Consultants Ken Dobell—Premier Gordon Campbell’s former deputy minister—and Don Fairbairn had earlier submitted a report to council proposing the creation of a Vancouver Homelessness Partnership, which would offer 70 percent of its investment units for sale to the public and to institutional investors. The remaining 30 percent would be owned by a second new entity, the Vancouver Homelessness Foundation, which would raise funds and offer tax receipts to contributors.

  2. RossK says:

    Say what?

    No more snow in the forecast?


    Perhaps the lads from Spam-A-Lot can blame the good folks from The Tides for tomorrow’s impending Windstormageddon.

    Or some such thing.


  3. spartikus says:

    I read this immediately after reading this.

    Some things are universal.

  4. Bart says:

    I suppose one could call this blog the Vision/RealStory blog the way you are constantly attacking and spreading rumours about the NPA, who has only one councillor at City Hall and has no power at all. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    Perhaps all the anger and bile you spout here is because the Visionistas you so worship are more like your NPA boogeyman than the NPA itself.

  5. Ian says:

    Hi Bart,
    I’m not the one who hired Ken Dobell to come up with a public/private/foundation model for social housing in the city, nor did I put significant city resources into it. The NPA did; the NPA that CityCaucus founders worked for. I just pointed it out.

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