Tsakumis gets his hands on BC Rail Evidence

…that makes a liar out of Christy Clark, shows up the mainstream press and adds more weight to the “conspiracy theorists'” call for a full public inquiry.

The documents Tsakumis released today are clearly part of the evidence amassed for the court case that didn’t make it’s way into the Prosecution’s case files.  Nor was it part of the mainstream media application for access to the Prosecution’s files.

The most interesting document is an email exchange between Brian Kieran and Erik Bornman from July 27th,  2003 – when the BC Cabinet was entering into the final stage of the BC Rail sale.

Kieran asks Bornman to email him with the “relevant insights from your chat with Christy.”  Bornman writes back with Clark’s insights from the most recent cabinet meeting.  “Apparently”, Bornman writes, “the Premier was adamant at last Wednesday’s cabinet meeting that even though value would be driving criteria articulated to the shippers and an important consideration, jobs and a regional presence would be critical determining factors when cabinet considers the final bids.”

Clark claims she stayed out of the whole thing.  Here’s what the Globe story last week said about that:  “During pre-trial hearings, defence lawyers suggested Ms. Clark might have been a source of cabinet leaks to lobbyists, but there is no evidence of that in the extensive police files obtained through the courts.”

These documents show the Globe and CTV didn’t look very hard. This is pretty clear evidence that Christy Clark was a source of Cabinet confidences.  It should be noted that the presence of staff like Basi or Virk was not allowed at Cabinet meetings.

This kind of stuff also puts the lie to the Globe and Mail’s too quick “get out of jail” free card for the rest of the BC Liberals, demanding an answer to the question, ‘what else is out there and why is the mainstream media in cahoots with the BC Liberal government in trying to hide this side of the story?’

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3 Responses to Tsakumis gets his hands on BC Rail Evidence

  1. PG says:

    What will Erik Bornmann say about this information at his upcoming “good character” hearing at the Law Society of Upper Canada?

  2. Paul says:

    Any sense of where Alex is with promised material today?

  3. Ian says:

    Just about to post that. Another must read.

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