Not so fast… Globe and Mail

So the Globe has cleared all the politicians and all the good BC Liberals in the Basi Virk escapade…  It’s no longer a real scandal just a bad incident, a small escapade.

Except the Globe and their partner CTV did it on the basis of only one side of the story. Their application only asked for the prosecution’s filings in court.  Missing and still sitting on the shelf is the other side of the story.  Because the defense filed documents as well, documents debunking the prosecution’s case and findings.

The question for the Globe is why?  Why toss aside objective reporting and report only one side of the story?  Why pay your lawyer to only apply for half the story?  Why print that when your reporters know contradictory facts and fact patterns exist?  Just who benefits from that kind of reporting?

This is becoming common place with the Globe/CTV partnership.  Last week they did the deed for John Furlong and Vanoc, helping him beat back a negative CBC story.

God forbid the National Post becoming the go to source for “objective” reporting.

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9 Responses to Not so fast… Globe and Mail

  1. istvan says:

    The CBC site has comments.The g&m has disabled comments for “legal reasons”.Why?

  2. PG says:

    I was wondering how the CTV/Globe got the exclusive on this issue. There are thousands of pages of material that should be reviewed to put this case in context.


  3. Norm Farrell says:

    CBC is playing the game like CTV/Globe. Yesterday, their headlines included:

    – BC Rail investigation cleared politicians

    -Taxpayers off hook for toll shortfalls

    Neither headline is true.

  4. Devinder says:

    I say many times. Basi and Virk are bad men. Nobody believe but now truth comes out. They no good. They should pay own legal for dirty dealings. Liberals all in shame for this bad deal.

  5. islandcynic says:

    Why to protect their interests of course. They face a very difficult future when the NDP get back into power and shut advertising funding to them. Think of how much cash comes rolling in, from the BC Liberals using our hard earned tax dollars. What with their poor reporting and trending towards more fluff and no stuff, they are on the way out.

  6. Dan Schubart says:

    Had to switch off the television when Campbell had a lengthy interview with Satchi Kurl. I couldn’t fathom where the laugh track had gone.

  7. Len Chaston says:

    Ian, the CBC Fifth Estate program on the luger’s death was terrible journalism. Completely ignoring fact to try to prove a pre-determined point of view. Really shameful. If CTV helped set the facts out so that people could see for themselves that Furlong and VANOC had done everything they were supposed to do then that is good journalism. I don’t know enough about the details of the BC Rail situation to judge the quality of this journalizm, but the radio interviews seem to paint Basi and Virk as a couple of cowboys. Disrespectful of their employers, and cynical about the people they were doing business with. And to think that they screwed up their entire lives for $3k a month in bribes. They do not come across as impressive people, nor ones that wouldn’t have given up their bosses if they had been put up to all of this.
    So far, I haven’t read anything that warrants a further enquiry.
    The payment of the lawyer’s fees do not come as a great shock either, but that can be another discussion.

  8. Rod Smelser says:

    Sachi Kurl. A future press secretary to the Premier, perhaps?

    The idea that the Globe generally has gone downhill is one I don’t have an opinion on, one way or the other. But I do know from personal experience, growing up in Victoria, that both generations of the Humes have brought to their careers as reporters a pretty intense dislike of the NDP and of labour unions. For the present generation of Humes the dislike is part of their brand of environmentalism.

  9. Rod Hebner says:

    I believe the responsibility of paying the 6 million plus interest belongs with the BC Liberal Party as they borrowed it and paid it on behalf of BC taxpayers even though BC taxpayers were in no way obligated to support Basi or Virk once they chose to plead guilty. This entire fiasco was one in which the BC Liberals devised in order to prevent themselves from being exposed from their own involvement with the BC Rail incident.
    Let’s be clear, Basi and Virk didn’t have the position nor the power to sell BC Rail and they certainly weren’t able to exonerate the lobbyists who provided the bribes on behalf of CN Rail. If there was anything to exonerate the BC Liberals from any wrong doing, they would have done it by not allowing the BC Rail as they knew the bribes were paid and the sale should have been immediately rescinded on the fact that illegal acts were involved but they went ahead, did all they could to bury everything by sending everyone home at the taxpayers expense. Time to ask the BC Liberals when they intend to repay the 6 million and the interest before they start spewing off or campaigning about what they intend to do next. Seems all they’ve been able to do is take a surplus and turn it into a massive deficit while legislating everyone back to work. Does that sound familiar or do we need to take a few pages out of the federal Conservative book of legislating people back to work ?

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