Maybe they should have changed their name

Barb Justason Research has a new poll out on the Vancouver Civic scene and it’s mighty bad news for the NPA.

Twenty six points back of Vision Vancouver, the NPA is losing momentum rather than gaining it nine months out.  That’s similar to the kind of numbers that drove Gordon Campbell from office four months ago.

The NPA is now statistically tied with Vancouver’s third party Cope, which – like Vision – has bounced back as the NPA slides back.   More importantly, if the NPA face a united Vision/Cope slate as in the last two elections, this poll predicts a wipe out similar to last election.

And the reasons aren’t hard to see.  On the big issues like running the city well, reducing homelessness and living up to Vancouver’s green reputation Vision performs well, leaving the NPA fighting on marginal turf (bike lanes) or on turf that’s worse for them (Olympic Village). Particularly disconcerting for the NPA must be the Olympic Village issue, where Vision has reaped a significant improvement in the last few months.

The poll comes at a bad time for the NPA – candidate recruitment time.  Who could fault a possible star like Michael Geller for sitting this one out?  A result that’s worse than 2008 is not out of the question and who wants that on their resume?

Funny how the NPA regulars over at City Caucus couldn’t find the time to even spin this one, let alone report on it.

Justason’s poll also shows residents opposed to Paragon’s new giant casino – 51% against and 31% in favour.  I’ll have more on the Casino this coming week as Council considers it’s fate.

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2 Responses to Maybe they should have changed their name

  1. Norm Farrell says:

    Will the people financing City Caucus now question the value received?

  2. e.a.f. says:

    It isn’t as if the NPA has done anything of signfigance in some time. It was the NPA which got Vancouver into the mess of the “o” village. It has been Vision which has been finding the solutions. Now some may disagree with what Vision has been doing but they wouldn’t be in the position of having to clear up the mess if the NPA hadn’t made it.
    Robertson continues to do a fairly decent job of being mayor and leading the city.
    Now it would be nice if he and council could just put a stop to those casinos they want to build in downtown. Vancouver doesn’t need more casinos. They don’t do anything to add to the well being of a city.
    Casinos maybe a great place to launder money but I don’t think that is what the citizens of Vancouver really want to be know for. I would suggest it is better to be known for our quirky bike lanes than a money laundering capital.
    The majority of great cities are know for their livability, their beautiful buildings, gardens, parks, etc.
    Thom had it right about the casinos. We need more buildings like the Chan building!

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