Sun cuts NDP out of Heed story

Interim NDP leader Dawn Black released court filings and affadavits detailing an audit of Kash Heed’s election campaign that showed he went well over his expense limit.  The filings include demands by interim Chief Electoral Officer Craig James that Heed re-file or forfeit his seat.

Somehow the Sun’s story managed to keep the NDP out of the story.  Not a whiff of credit to the NDP for finding the documents or releasing the story and no mention of their demand that Heed either resign or file a truthful statement of expenses.

It’s like running Question Period and only showing the government answering questions.  Shame.

Here’s a link to the NDP release:

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One Response to Sun cuts NDP out of Heed story

  1. G.J.W. says:

    As if the BC Liberals, would admit the NDP caught them on anything. Heed is a huge embarrassment for the Liberals. Campbell of course, gets everyone else to do his dirty work for him. He had the gall to call Basi and Virk criminals, and cut their throats, for following his orders. The NDP have caught the Liberals, out of order on other issues. The media has established themselves, as pro Campbell all the way. They are fierce about his protection. The media are a disgrace to their professions, they have no pride left in them, for honorable journalism or reporting. The media, are in your face biased. I never bother with them anymore, they bore me to death, because of their nonsense.

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