Third time lucky?

Just finished an old Ross MacDonald novel about a mobbed up small town supported by dirty politics, graft and corruption.  Only six people died, including the Mayor.  As with most Ross MacDonald classics, the ending leaves you wiser, more cynical and only slightly hopeful.

Then I walked inside, out of the blinding sun, and found this response to my third foi application for Basi Virk related documents, leaving me wiser, more cynical and only slightly hopeful:

Dear Mr. Reid,

Re:  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Request AGT-11-003-04

This is further to my email dated January 13, 2011. I wish to clarify my email and to provide you with this acknowledgement of your request and advise you of the date you can expect a response to your request for:

Any and all material provided by or disclosed by the government of BC to the defence team related to the trial of David Basi….all material provided by or disclosed by the government of BC to the RCMP and or Special Prosecutor…

Your request was received by Information Access Operations (“IAO”), Ministry of Citizens’ Services on January 4, 2011, the Central Agency for receiving requests under the Act.

As the Criminal Justice Branch (the “CJB”) acts independently of IAO in response to access requests, a portion of your request was forwarded by IAO to the CJB. We will be responding  to your request as it pertains to records in the custody or under the control of  the CJB.

Upon further reflection by our office, we wish to also clarify that you will receive a response from this office, rather than from the office of the Special Prosecutor, once we have received a recommendation from the Special Prosecutor.

Although a response to your request was due by February 15, 2011, due to the volume of records involved and as it is necessary  to consult with the Special Prosecutor, who had conduct of the file, we have taken a 30 day extension under section 10 of the Act. We will make every effort to provide Criminal Justice Branch records available to you as quickly as possible. Unless we find it necessary to request a further extension under Section 10 of the Act, you can expect a response by March 29, 2011.

If you have any questions, please call me at 250 387-xxxx.  You may be transferred to this telephone number free of charge by calling Enquiry BC at 660-2421 in Vancouver or at 1-800-663-7867 outside Victoria and Vancouver.

If you have any concerns about the handling of your request by the Ministry, including its responsibility to respond by the stated target date, please contact the independent Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner by calling Enquiry BC at the telephone numbers provided.

Yours truly,


Information Access and Privacy Analyst

Criminal Justice Branch Headquarters

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  1. BC Mary says:

    An amazing skill, Ian, that you can make such a tawdry piece of public service sound so doggone funny.

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